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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Zen Mode is a feature owned by OnePlus company. In several OnePlus smartphones, you will get this Zen mode feature, despite the fact, not every model of Zen Model owns this feature. It's latest model, i.e., OnePlus 8 has been blessed with this Zen Mode feature. The list of other OnePlus smartphones that have Zen mode feature with them will be discussed in the latter part of this article. At first, let us know what Zen Mode is.

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In junior classes, you must have heard the term ' hibernation ' which means the process in which the living organisms cut out themselves from the exterior environment for a certain period of time and goes in a deep sleep.

And some similar concept is being seen here in OnePlus 8's Zen Mode. In this story , that above-mentioned ' hibernation ' can be termed as digital hibernation or rather, technical hibernation in which a smartphone goes in a sleep for a set period of time.

Let me be more vivid.

If you turn on the Zen Mode of your smartphone, you wouldn't be able to use your phone for a set amount of time. You can't use any of the applications present in your smartphone, for example, you can't play games, you can't send messages, you can't open your settings app, etc. . When you smartphone is in Zen Mode, the only thing which you can do in it is you can receive call from other people . Even you cannot dial yourself to other people, except an emergency call. The next thing which you can do is use camera app of your phone to click photos, despite the fact, further, you can't edit it or open the gallery app to forward that photo to someone else . So ,we can conclude by saying that we can't use a single application in our phone, until and unless, the applied Zen Mode gets over.

But there might be a question in the mind of several . How long do we need to stay without using our smartphone ? How long does Zen Mode remain active in our smartphone ?

Don't get panic by thinking that you can never use your smartphone again. I think I should have said this at the inception of this article because some smartphone lovers have already got a shock after reading till here. But don't worry. It totally depends on you. Yes, you need to set the time by yourself before applying Zen Mode in your mobile. It may be for 20 minutes or half an hour or an hour etc. , it totally depends upon your interest that for how long you want your mobile to remain in Zen Mode . Point about which you must be concerned. No matter what happens, how much you need your smartphone, once you turn on Zen mode, you won't be able to operate your phone for that set amount of time. So be cautious and make sure that you don't have  serious urgency to use your phone before bringing Zen Mode into an effect.

Why should an individual use Zen Mode in his/her smartphone ? What is the purpose of using it ? What can an individual get from it in terms of benefits ?

This might be your next set of questions. No more doubts. Let's explore it.

You must have experienced in your life, not once, but several times that you get addicted to your smartphone while using it and finds it difficult to leave your phone even for a while. And, especially the students know this very well. Unfortunately, it puts a negative impact on your daily works, like your studies and all. For these type of people who wants to put their focus on their tasks but can't maintain it due to the distraction by their smartphone, no doubt, Zen Mode is made for them. At least, you can put your phone in Zen Mode and get connect to the real world keeping aside that digital world. Most of the smartphone users don't know how to manage their time and sometimes couldn't come out of this shitty habit.

As I have already said, Zen Mode feature is owned by OnePlus company. But, this feature is not present in all the models of OnePlus smartphones. Let me make a list of those OnePlus smartphones which own this Zen Mode feature.

7th Series :-

1. OnePlus 7 2. OnePlus 7pro 3. OnePlus 7T 4. OnePlus 7Tpro

6th Series :-

1. OnePlus 6 2. OnePlus 6T

5th Series :-

1. OnePlus 5 2. OnePlus 5T

Thank you for reading this article till it's end. Hope this article helps you in every way you need to know about OnePlus 8. Please pen down your opinions regarding this article in the comment section.

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