Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Managing business affairs via usage of laptop devices have become a prominent culture at a global level from the past few decades , despite the fact , cyber crime has also increased . This results into a higher need of hardware protection measures and one of these anti-attack measures is TPM ( trusted platform module ).

TPM can be defined as a microchip which is often built inside a computer or a laptop , or can be added later to its motherboard externally . Let’s define it in another way for a better understanding. The word “ Trusted “ in TPM itself puts an emphasis on its reliability and can be defined as a reliable location where your passwords ( used for logging in to online services such as internet banking etc. ) can be kept secured and un-attacked . In laptops , without TPM , your login passwords are kept in software on the hard drive which is not a secured one .

Sometimes , we need to transmit data from one place to another place in our computer . In most of the cases , the data that we transfer are in an unencrypted or unprotected form and can be leaked or stolen in the transmission channel before reaching the exact receiver to whom we want to send . TPM promises a well encryption of the transmitted data and opposes any kind of mischief .

Another merit of TPM is that it permits BitLocker Drive to get activated which is an encryption feature found in Microsoft Windows versions . Unification of both TPM and BitLocker drive provides security from offline attacks , i.e. , if someone steals your device and removes its hard disk , then TPM recognizes that the hard disk has been dislocated from its parent location to an another place and locks the system .

Several fingerprint readers have access TPM for storing all the biometric information of the user and dwindles the chances of cyber delinquency .

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