Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Day after Days , technology is getting brushed and rapidly growing. If you take a look at our past days , you can compare those earlier mobile phones with the present ones.

Nowadays, technology has blessed everyone to access any facility by sitting at their home . Now technology has touched some of the finest fields which are easing the life of the people with proper security .

Here are some of the trending technologies . Let's take a look :

1. Wearable Technology in Mobile Devices : People are aware of Activity-Tracking bands such as Mi bands etc or smartwatches such as Fitbit versa or Samsung Galaxy Watch .

But , a new face has been turned where you can check your Fitness using mobile apps such as Google Fit or MyFitnessPal whrere you can track your heart rate, your walking or running speed , how many miles did you cover , calorie counter etc.

2. Home Controls using Mobile phones : Technology once again has made the people able to control their home electrical appliances using their mobile phones as a remote.

We can monitor our TV , AC , Projector etc using our mobile. For example , MI or Apple uses IR blaster or IR remotes which enables users to control various appliances. However, in Apple , IR is only used to control TVs.

3. Facility of transportation : Mobile technology has enabled people to save their time by using different ride apps such as Uber , Ola , Rapido bike apps etc. People can book a vehicle from their home and no need to go to taxi or bus stops and waste their time .

With the help of GPS , driver will pick their customer from their present location and will drop you exactly at your destination. This has gained a maximum usage among the people .

4. Impact of Augmented Reality : Augmented reality (AR ) is a technology where a digital image is superimposed on a real image in order to show some details or do some kind of designs or edits. For example :

a) Look at the player and " Top Scorers " list in the above picture . These are the digital pictures superimposed on the real image of football field. This works on Augmented reality .

b) Cricket lovers have definitely seen these type of picture in any cricket match . Did you see the ball making a red coloured curve ? What is this ? This is a digital image superimposed on the real image a batsman batting in the field . This is an example of Augmented reality.

5. Virtual Reality (VR ) : Virtual Reality (VR ) is bit different from Augmented Reality. Unlike AR, real World is absent in the VR technology. It will bring you into an another world. Besides smartphone , you will need some extra to use VR technology. Virtual reality .

Nowadays, VR has gained a rapid usage in various fields such as education , medical etc. It has been expected that VR global market value is expected to grow to $44.7 billion by 2024.

6. Location Based Technology ( LBT ) : LBT is utilized in some mobile apps where it access your location and fulfill your requirements . The best example would be Uber App which has hold a significant usage at a global level . Select your destination and book a cab . It will pick you from your present location. No standing in long queues for taxis. Similarly , Google also used LBT in google maps to let the people find some places in an easier way.

Besides , LBT is also used as maket-campaigning strategy . Several apps after installing asks for your location although they don't need it . Actually , they share your location with a third party who further sends their advertisements or notifications to you about their buisness . But , warning is that you should not share or " ALLOW " to access your location while installing any apps . You should first have a sound knowledge of that app and then go for it .

7. Payment Apps : No need to check your pocket . Just make sure that your bank account hold an amount of balance and you can complete your payment using payment apps. Various Payment apps are there :

a) Phone Pe

b) Goolge Pay

c) Apple pay

d) PayPal

Various mobile technologies have supported these payment systems such as NFC ( near field communication ) , POS machine , AudioQR ( used in Google Pay , earlier known as Google Tez ) .

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