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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Availability and Price

Realme 6 pro is available in three option on the grounds of price, RAM and internal storage.

1. 6 GB RAM , 64 GB Storage, Rs. 16,999

2. 6 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage, Rs. 17,999

3. 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage, Rs. 18,999

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In the last few years, Realme has been seen shining a lot in the world of smartphones and became a choice of millions because of their constant improvements in the specifications of their models. And one of those specifications is their design part. Let's examine the quality of their design.

Realme 6 pro has come up in the supermarket with a lighting design on it's rear part. In terms of mobile colour, you are getting two options, i.e., lightning blue and lightning orange. Glossy rear part makes it very much slippery to hold it and may slip out from our hands, although, there is a coverage of Corning Gorilla glass v5 which dwindles the probability of its breakage although, there is already a pre fitted tempered glass screen.

Let's not miss its dimensional measurement.

Realme 6 pro weighs 202 gm and measures 163.8 mm ( height ), 75.8 mm ( width ), and 8.9 mm ( thickness ). After reading these numerical figures, don't you feel that Realme 6 pro is a weighty one. It weighs 202 gm which gonna surely make your hands feel bulky while you hold it. Even it's thickness figure, i.e., its 8.9 mm of thickness clearly justifies its bulkiness.

You will get one capacitive touch fingerprint sensor on the right side of the phone. This location seems a propitious one , especially, for right hand users who will unlock their phone in a pinch. However, it may not be that favorable for left hand users. And it is a pleasure fact that the scanner is very much reactive in nature; reactive in the sense , it unlocks your phone very fast when you put finger on it. That's really good.

On the grounds of fingerprint technology, you would miss that in-screen fingerprint scanner only because Realme 6 pro is devoid of AMOLED display screen.


No one would compromise with the display part before purchasing any electronic gadget, whether it's smartphone or a laptop or anything else. And this fact, further emphasizes an another fact that every company needs to be vigil while manufacturing the display screen of their electronic model. And it would be pleasure to know that Realme has cooked up the display part of their 6 pro model in a very nice way.

Let me give a taste of it's flavour.

6 pro has been incorporated with a 6.6 inch bezel-les IPS-LCD display along with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Obviously, IPS display panel is a boon because it provides better viewing angles with a great sense of clarity and liveliness. Point to be noted that their display comes with dual punch - hole cut out in the top left corner of the screen which somehow gives a newly- fashioned look to it. But, do you know why is it a dual cut ? Because, dual front cameras have been fitted in this dual punch-hole. Yes, you listened correct. Realme 6 pro is blessed with two front cameras which is a fact to be rejoice at.

One more nice touch to its display screen is its stupendous refresh rate. Its display screen gets refreshed at the rate of 90 Hz which polishes your scrolling or swiping on its screen without any motion blurs. This really makes your day a perfect one with your smartphone because nobody would like to own a mobile that gets hanged in between while using it .  How can even an individual think about it when there are lots of regular works in everyone's life that need to be solved digitally either via your mobile phones or any other electronic device ? So finally, it can be concluded that this feature is good to users.

Another nice thing about it is that if you really don't want your mobile's display screen to play at 90 Hz, you can switch it to 60 Hz, which will further saves the energy of your mobile battery. This is all about the display part of Realme 6 pro .


Gratefully, Realme 6 pro is embedded with AI Quad Camera System on its rear part which has powered up the shooting capacity to an another level. And in the meantime, I will take some more time to highlight the fact that its front part is not kept vacant, rather, it has been blessed with dual camera  embedded in the dual cut punch -hole in the upper left corner, about which I have already notified in the display part. Given below is the list of Quad camera system of rear part.

1. 8 MP camera with 119° Ultra wide angle       lens. ( f/2.3 aperture )

2. 64 MP Wide Camera. ( f/1.8 aperture)

3. 12 MP Telephoto Lens. ( f/2.5 aperture )

4. 2 MP with 4 cm Macro Lens. ( f/2.4 aperture )

These above mentioned camera of Quad Camera System are arranged in a vertical manner.

Dual front camera system consists of :-

1. 8 MP camera with 105° Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

2. 16 MP primary camera. 64 MP super high pixel camera can be a synonym of both clarity and perfection at the same time. Realme itself enunciated the fact that their 64 MP shooter brings 4 times the clarity of 4k resolution TV, on the pictures clicked by it. This camera shoots at different zooming modes, that is,

0.5x           1x                2x                5x            20x

Although, 20x is its upper limit, but, its better you capture photos at 5x zooming mode. Beyond 5x optical mode, images won't be sharp and clear enough and appears to be hazy.

Secondly, quad camera system consists of a 119° Wide angle camera that makes users enable to capture vast shots. Vast shots, in the sense that you will get to see a wider view of the object being clicked, in its picture.

Thirdly, 12 MP telephoto camera is quite nice to click and quality of the shots are bit good.

And last but not least, 4cm macro lens comes into use of capturing closeup shots, especially, when your object is flower, insects etc. .

It may happen that your day goes very well as you are able to capture a bunch of excellent shots with your smartphone, but, believe me, sometimes, your smartphone wouldn't be that smart if you are clicking photos in a place where there is low light, or, let say, you are clicking during night time. And somewhere, the story of Realme 6 pro resembles the above fact. Even, 64 MP is so-so in delivering clear shots in low light and the demoralizing fact is that the wide angle and telephoto lens are at low level in terms of vividness .

But, there is something special hidden in this Quad Camera System which revamps the entire camera capability of clicking clear shots in low light. Realme 6 pro features Super Night scape 3.0 Mode that smarten up the night photography.

Super Night scape 3.0 Mode further comprises of two different modes - a) Tripod Mode , and b) Ultra Night scape Mode .

What does Tripod Mode do ? Before explaining it, at first, I would like to explain you other two terms, that is, " shutter " and  "shutter speed" which will help you to understand tripod mode easily.

What is shutter and shutter speed ?

Shutter is a part of camera which gets open when you press the camera button and remains open for a specific period of time. Or say, when an image of an object being clicked is done, shutter gets close itself.

Shutter speed is defined as how long the shutter remains. It is also called exposure time.

Now let me define what Tripod Mode is. Tripod mode is a mode which reduces the shutter speed, and further, enhances the exposure time of the shutter. In Realme 6 pro, tripod mode enhances the exposure time of the shutter upto 50 seconds, which is a very long time to get a clear long distance picture especially during night. Generally, night photography is bound within limits, in terms of long exposure. But, tripod mode promises to efface all those limits and come up with a type of photography that promises clarity and super exposure of captured pictures.

Next point of discussion is Ultra Night Scape mode that strengthens the pillars of photography. Usually, night-clicked pictures are not as clear as pictures clicked in high light or during daytime. But still no point of being worried .

" Let night photography be a choice of yours,    along with Ultra Night Scape mode. "

Figure:- Picture taken in Ultra Night Scape Mode.

Ultra Night Scape mode gives you illumined pictures with a great clarity. The images you captured in your phone will be as exact as your object that has been focused to get clicked even in low light. This is the merit of Ultra night scape Mode.

This was all about the manuever of Quad Camera System of Realme 6 pro. Now, I will put light on it's dual front camera system. This dual front camera system comprises of 16 MP primary camera and 8 MP 105° wide angle camera. This duo works completely fine for group selfies because as company asserted the fact itself that this duo provides 2.5 times larger field of view than their previous front models. Larger field of view of this duo covers as many people as it can.

The front duos supports gesture selfie feature. 

What is gesture selfie ?

Suppose, while taking selfies, you are unable to reach out to the camera button with your finger so that you can press it. What next you can do is just do a hand gesture ( thumbs up or hand wave ) in front of your selfie cameras , keep your hands down and your picture will get clicked automatically without even pressing the camera button. That's what gesture-selfie do.


Realme 6 pro wears 4300 mAh battery which runs for almost more than half of a day after doing full charge once. Realme 6 pro is further facilitated with 30W Flash Charger which does charging upto 100% within an hour, which is a very demanding one among the users because, nowadays, there are lots of work in mobile phones and when it's about gaming then people can't make themselves wait till their smartphones is being completely charged.


Realme 6 pro undergoes a breakthrough performance and the award goes to Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core chipset which is made using an advanced 8 nm process and gives a maximum clock speed of 2.3 GHz . Even, the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G in Realme 6 pro makes it the first smartphone in the world that features Snapdragon 720G. Lots of benefits lies within Snapdragon 720G chipset. It strengthens the gaming platform and ensures a long battery life. Snapdragon 720G proves to be more advantageous than Snapdragon 730G because it permits the settlement of Bluetooth 5.1, NavIC satellite navigation features in Realme 6 pro. Realme 6 pro runs on Android v10 operating system.

In terms of other features, Dolby Atmos speakers are present in Realme 6 pro that drags up its audio capability.

You will get one SOLOOP video creation application that will help to create a short video with an amazing liveliness. Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope this article helps you in every way to unbox the specifications of Realme 6 pro . For more updates, join us in our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, MEDIUM. Also Subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel.

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