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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

OnePlus has flooded the mobile world with their new model OnePlus 8 which will win the hearts of millions due to its amazing specifications. OnePlus 8 comes at a lucrative price, but not that high as compared to their outstanding specifications. This is the positive side of OnePlus 8 which helps it to become a strong competitor in the supermarket. OnePlus 8 has a market range of Rs. 41,999. Although, 41,999 rupees is a great numerical figure and many people would think that why i am saying that it's price is " not that high ". To avoid your confusion, I will recommend you first to read this article till the end and then you will be at your best level to decide yourself why it's still an affordable price.

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Gone are the days when people used to think less about the design while buying a phone. Priority has been changed along with the changing manufacturing strategy of the mobile companies. Different companies are competing with each other every year to touch their customers by heart.  What then about OnePlus company this time ? What has been done by OnePlus in the design department of OnePlus 8 ?

Let's check out their design department.

Possess gleaming outlooks, One Plus 8 acts as a vibrant zone.

OnePlus 8 are available to the crowd in three colors, i.e., Onyx Black, Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green. So, you are getting three different color options in front of you. The first two color have a glossy glass on their rear side, whereas, the third one has a matte texture on its back. Configured with three cameras in a vertical manner, OnePlus 8 has a bump on its rear side and it comes into visual play when you place your OnePlus 8  horizontally flat on a surface.

Let me drive your attention towards its dimensional scales. It measures 160.2 mm x 72.9 mm x 8 mm inches and weighs 163 gm .  But there may be a similar question of various readers. Does these above numerical figures add something extra to its outer beauty or just a set of numbers ? If you bring this question to me, my answer would be YES . Yes, these dimensional figures creates a picture perfect of OnePlus 8 . Tall, thin, and lightweight in nature, OnePlus 8 doesn't make your hands feel heavy while you hold it.

The story of OnePlus 8 has been blessed with a positive change, a change which was not seen in their previous model, i.e., OnePlus 7 pro/ OnePlus 7T pro. That change is the removal of pop-up selfie camera in One Plus 8. Pop-up cameras are the dynamic cameras which slides out the from the top of a mobile before capturing shots.

Is the removal of pop up camera a boon or bane for the users ?

In terms of fashionable outlooks, pop up camera is a boon for many, especially for those who are profoundly concerned with the exterior design of their smartphone. But, in terms of safety of your device, it is a bane for users.


But, how ?

Suppose you are in a mood to click a selfie shot with your pop up camera phone. Unfortunately, if your phone falls from your hand , then, at that juncture, you are unable to slide-in the pop up camera , and, as a repercussion, your selfie shooter gonna get damaged. An extra payment you need to do to fill up this loss. So, this is a total risky factor as no one on this earth could give a guarantee to you that your device would never get slipped out from your hands . Instead of it, you will get one hole in front of the display screen.

In several phones, you have found that both the volume and lock button are present on it's same side, even with a minimum space between them. The problem arises when an incorrect button get pressed by us. Let me make you more clear about this fact. Often, this issue happens with me, for example, when I am watching a YouTube video and wants to adjust the volume of the video. And the moment when I place my finger over the volume button, I presses the lock button by mistake. A bit frustrating one. And I am sure that it happens to you also. But, the only reason behind it is the short gap between the volume rocker and lock button.

But what do you expect from OnePlus 8 ? Don't you want to get relief from this type of everyday issues ?

Yes, OnePlus 8 gonna give you relief. In OnePlus 8, you get a lock button on it's right side and a volume rocker on it's left side. Now, no more incorrect presses by us. Every press is going to be appropriate.


Packed with 6.55-inch AMOLED display with an FHD+ (2400 x 1080 pixels) resolution, OnePlus 8 would be a great starter for your day. Curved edges are really an engaging corner. AMOLED display screen is thin in size and contributes towards less power consumption. The resolution is fine enough to put a layer of vividness on the screen while you watch some media on it. It is so clear and bright enough that you can use it outside in daylight without any unwanted glares.

OnePlus 8 appears to provide features like Reading Mode and Zen Mode, although, these facilities are not new at all, as these have already debuted in their previous 7 series, i.e., OnePlus 7. What these features actually do. Reading Mode of OnePlus 8 enables users to read the screen vividly and cuts all those unwanted glares from your surrounding light and prevents eye-strain . And when it comes to Zen mode, it may be a new term for various . Let me discuss this in another article.

-> What is Zen Mode ? Click here to know about Zen Mode feature.

Do you know that OnePlus 8 feature in-screen fingerprint technology ? I bet that it has been happened with all of you, atleast once in your lifetime that when you place your finger on the sensor of your device to unlock it, the device don't open, rather, it shows "couldn't verify your fingerprint, try again " , not because you have placed your wrong finger but the angle at which you have put your finger is inappropriate. And sometimes, this is frustrating too, especially, when you are hurry to do something. But, no more frustration for this issue if OnePlus 8 becomes a part of your life because it's fingerprint sensor works fine from every angle you put your finger on it.

Just like their previous models, OnePlus 8 packs a display screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz maximum ( initial rate is 60 Hz ). Not a new one, but, deserves a token of appreciation that OnePlus didn't wipe out this feature from their OnePlus 8 model . 90 Hz refresh rate is a pure blessing because it offers smooth scrolling and swiping without any motion blurs and all.


OnePlus 8 has a package of triple rear cameras configured in a vertical manner and one front camera.


1. 48 MP main camera ( f/1.75 ) 2. 16 MP ultra - wide camera ( f/2.2 ) 3.  2 MP macro camera ( f/2.2 )

-> In this trio, 48 MP is the main shooter that clicks well at 2x or 3x optical zoom. But, you are with a plan to click shots at it's maximum 10x optical zoom then sorry to say that you need to cancel it. Because at 10x, OnePlus 8's 48 MP is not fit and fine, rather, clicks hazy shots which are obviously not acceptable to anyone. Better you don't go beyond 3x optical zoom.

-> 16 MP ultra - wide camera gives a nice touch to your photography. It looks at an angle of 116 degree while capturing a shot gives a wide scenic view.

-> 2 MP macro camera is a substitute of telephoto camera present in OnePlus 8 pro.  Macro camera has been incorporated in the device is to click magnified shots, especially, when you want to take photos of a flower, bird or any small creature.


1. 16 MP Front Camera ( f/2.2 )

-> 16 MP selfie shooter contributes a professional-level photography and performs at its best to click a handful of nice selfies. Images holds a fine clarity and sharpness.


OnePlus 8 wears a 4300 mAh battery that holds longevity of running for an entire day without being plugged for charging, despite the fact, the case may not be same if you had dealt with some intensive works like gaming, or video watching etc. on your OnePlus 8.

Charger is an important aspect in the world of electronic gadgets. And if it's fast enough itself to do snap charging in your device then it would be a worthwhile talk about it.

Fig :- Warp 30T Charger

What OnePlus 8 has done is they have packeted a Warp 30T charger with their OnePlus 8 which has proven to be a plus point for users. Plus point because it does 23% fast charging than than the chargers of their previous models. Within 1 hour, it fills up your OnePlus 8 with 100% energy, although, a condition exists, i.e., it would not come into effect if you use another charger for your OnePlus 8 other than Warp Charge 30T.

Point to be noted that you are not getting wireless charging facility in OnePlus 8 which is a very missing one in this model. I am adding one more demerit of OnePlus 8 under battery section. You won't get any headset jack in OnePlus 8.


Powered by Snapdragon 865 chipset along with its paired Snapdragon X55 modem for 5G connectivity. You can utilize 5G internet connection in OnePlus 8 model, despite the fact, 5G feature wouldn't come to your use if you are in a place that is devoid of 5G network facility. O.K., let's not worry about that. But if you look out with a positive aspect, 5G connectivity ensures a super speedy environment around you. Downloading works will end in a pinch. Also, 5G network is smart enough to perform a smooth alteration between 5G networks and other networks.

We must speak about the availability of Wi-Fi 6 generation in OnePlus 8 which works 270% faster than their previous generation. Several confront Wi-Fi connectivity problems in their smartphones which becomes a serious issue when you are in an utmost need of it. But Wi-Fi 6 won't demoralize you. It makes the connectivity more powerful and promising one.

Like it's predecessor, OnePlus OxygenOS (a version of Android ) still exists in OnePlus 8 with a very minor variation in it which plays a positive role on the grounds of system operation.

Snapdragon 865 sounds good, but, does it really give value to the people ? Yes, it do . It stands even for energy-draining works like such as gaming, video or photo editing etc. .  Additionally, not only it deals with power efficiency problem, rather, it does an increment of 35% of it.

In terms of storage you are endowed with two options :-

1. 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. 2. 16 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal           storage.

That's all I can tell you about OnePlus 8.

Thank you for reading this article till it's end. Hope this article helps you in every way you need to know about OnePlus 8. Please pen down your opinions regarding this article in the comment section.

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