Updated: Jun 13, 2020

What is a pop up selfie camera ?

Pop up selfie camera is a highly mini-computerised object inserted on the top of the smartphone to take pictures . Mobile manufacturers has brought a new trend among the mobile-users . Here the word " pop-up " means " to come out " . The mini-camera is fitted on the top of a smartphone . When a user wants to use the selfie camera , they press the camera button and , as a result , the pop up camera slides out of the top of the phone.

Now several questions arise that whether pop up selfie camera proves to be a beneficial one or not . Let's talk about it .


1. NO USE OF BEZEL SCREEN -> Bezel screen is what it is shown in the below picture :

The Off-White portion around the phone is the bezel screen. Bezel screen is used to provide a space for putting the standard camera at the top of the smartphone. But , however, bezel screen decreases the size of the display screen . So the engineers thought why not they give a full-screen display facility to the customers . Pop up camera fulfills this. Due to usage of pop up camera , no bezel screen is used around the phone for giving space for fitting standard camera which ultimately increases the size of the display screen, thus, enabling users to enjoy the full-view screen .

2. OFFERS A BETTER SECURITY .-> Hackers often use their hacking technology to spy on the personal life of users . They can turn on your mobile camera without your permission and can capture pics of yours and your surroundings in order to collect your private information . This is extremely dangerous .

But the problem is solved when we approach and bring into use the concept of pop up camera phone . Pop up camera stays inside the phone, unlike a standard camera , and will only " POP UP " or " comes out " when a user wants. There is no point of spying on you by the hackers via your mobile camera, until and unless, you turn on your camera and it slides out from the top of your smartphone . So, pop up cameras guarantees security to us .

3. A STYLISH LOOK -> Pop up camera poses a new look and a stylish one which helps it to win people's interest .


1. PRONE TO DAMAGE -> Suppose you are going to take a selfie , you turn on your front camera and it pops out from the top of the phone . Accidentally , if your phone falls into the ground then the camera module would break and damage your front camera.

2. ACCUMULATION OF DUST PARTICLES -> Dust particles in your surroundings gets stuck to your camera and when camera slides in , it gets crashed with the dust particles inside the phone and damage the slider of the camera .


So, these were the merits and demerits of this new trend pop up selfie cameras . So, think before buying whether you can cope up with there demerits or not .


Best pop up selfie cameras in India 2019.

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