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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Apple is known for its quality products and their amazing outfit and colour, although, EXCEPTIONS are always there for some products. Most of the time, they never leave a chance to do the best of their potential. But what do you think about their new product ,i.e., MacBook Air 2020 model which we are going to discuss today ? Could you really taste the flavour of goodness in MacBook Air 2020 or it falls under that category of EXCEPTIONS ?

I won't be keeping you in the state of dilemma. No more waits. Just gear up yourself to read the article till the end and know everything about it that you need to know.

Come here with me.

-> Watch this video to know about the new model of MacBook Air 2020. Watch it till the end and comment down your opinions regarding this.


MacBook Air 2020 starting price in India is ₹ 92,999 . ( price in India )


Slim and fit, MacBook Air 2020 just mimics the dimensions of their previous model MacBook Air 2019, i.e., 11.9 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds. It's slim-ness makes its appearance more engaging and worth looking at it. But, apart from its dimensional features, what makes it a more sensational approach is the golden color of the entire device.

Yes, you listened correct. It's golden colour. So gleaming in nature that while purchasing it, you may fall into a dilemma that whether you are in a gadget shop or in a jewellery shop. Let it be a joke. But, believe me, you can't escape its beauty. Entirely anodized with golden aluminium gives it a sign of pure gem of beauty. In between this, you will find the logo of Dell shining with grace. But, if you are not a golden lover, you can go with its other two color options :- silver and space grey .


Configured with 13.3 inch display screen panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1600  , MacBook Air 2020 is capable to produce top-notch level display. Fortunately, there are some other stuffs which are the causes behind its top-notch quality, i.e., IPS display technology and LED backlighting specifications. After knowing this, one should not look at its display capabilities with an eye of suspicion. And you need to read the rest part of the story to rejoice further.

Do you know that MacBook Air 2020 produces 113% of the sRGB color gamut ? All the details of the screen are crisp, clear and informative enough. Works like video or photo editing would be nice enough to do in MacBook Air 2020. I can bet you that if you watch a movie on it, may be script of the movie's story not lucrative enough to relish you, but, what gonna make you engaged within those 2-3 hours is the vibrancy and clarity of the display screen. That's a promising one. Believe me.

TrueTone is an Apple's display feature that automatically adjusts the colour of the display screen according to the light of your ambience. No botheration of maintaining the screen colour separately. Well, several might used to get fed up but no more worries. And in between this, there would be a kind suggestion from my side is that you keep that TrueTone feature turned on because without being turned on, you couldn't get the the best of its display colour.


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Straight away you cannot imagine the soft nature of the MacBook's keyboard until you purchase and use it. But I am at my best to make you feel that imagination in the form of my writings. When you step in your feet in the world of laptops, you find several important aspects of it and one of them is the keyboard. But has Apple come out with some better ideas to make a change in their keyboard ?

Figure :- scissor-mechanism keyboard

The change which they had brought is the adoption of scissor-mechanism keyboard after replacing butterfly-mechanism keyboard. There were some typing issues with butterfly keyboard which were need to be solved. Scissor type keyboard has blurred all those odds and holds an ability to light up anyone's typing mood. Besides all these, the key travels a distance of 1 mm which results into smooth clicking, which further, enhances the zeal for working on it.

Touchpad is a very important part of the keyboard which is almost worthless to ignore it. Apple has landed a massive touchpad that dimension-ally measures 4.8 x 3.2 inches . It's attitude is very much soft and responsive to your clicks and swipes on it. Due to its large size, you are getting more space to swipe on it which dwindles the probability of moving your fingers out mistakenly while swiping on it.

In terms of security, you get one fingerprint scanner at the top right hand corner of the keyboard that lets you login to your device without typing the password and no mess of remembering the password every time. Just what you need to do is put your finger over the scanner and get your device open in front of you.


You won't be getting as much ports as you expect from MacBook Air 2020 because, being slim in size, it's not so capable enough to provide space for the settlement of slots on its right and left sides. Within that minimum space, you will get the following :-

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1. 2 thunderbolt 3 ports on it's left side , and

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2. 1 headset jack on it's right hand side.


We can say that professionalism gets reflected on its sound quality when you listen to it. The cause behind its professionalism is the supporting Wide Stereo sound. Dolby Atmos playback strengthens the background of the audio and gets the sound more crystal clear . Further, three mic array includes directional beamforming which brings more crispiness in the sound.


Rich in energy, MacBook Air 2020's battery shows its electric potential for 9-10 hours without being tired enough. No one wants their device to remain plugged in for charging purpose in between their work . Even, it's harmful for you to use a charging device whether it is laptop, smartphone, tablet or whatever it be , because charging releases a sort of radiation waves which is harmful for your health. So you are free enough to use it continuously without any interruption.


Powered by quad-core 1.1-GHz Intel Core i5-1030NG7 processor with 8GB of RAM, MacBook Air 2020 performs at its best. Turbo Boost clock speed is 3.5 GHz. Whenever you do multitasking, MacBook Air 2020 is at its best. In addition to all these, 512 GB SSD brings speedy work culture, whether, you consider downloading or uploading processes. What 512 GB SSD further do is it gives a nice touch to the storage part.

Intel Iris Plus GPU supports the graphics part of this device. As most of you know, Iris Plus GPU is so-so in terms of performance. If you are on a plan to do intensive gaming on this, then sorry to say, but, suggest you to change your plan. Intel Iris Plus is not good enough for running intensive gaming applications.

Now you will get to read some more good aspects of it on the grounds of performance. Packed with latest version macOS Catalina Operating system, MacBook Air 2020 has gained a fine stability and processing speed.


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Webcam has different priority - level, especially, if you are engaged in works like regular online meetings via video conferencing or regular talks with someone. MacBook Air 2020 didn't dis-satisfy their fan base. At inception, let me put some light on the position of camera. In some models you gonna get the camera addressed at the bottom bezel. But, the case over here is positive . In MacBook Air 2020, location is o.k. , i.e., at the top bezel. And the next thing about it is it's camera power, i.e., 720p camera which is good enough to click some excellent-level shots.

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