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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Nowadays, people not only want themselves to be fashionable but even they want their products to be smart enough, especially, their electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphone, tablet etc. And even it's not wrong from any angle . Who doesn't want to enjoy some smart looking stuffs, after spending a good amount of money.

And I am going to write up about a laptop who has a high market price but smart enough to break-even your cost price because it has some fine specifications and breakthrough performance which we are going to discuss about . And the model which we are talking about is Lenovo Yoga 920 8th generation model powered by Intel Core i7-8550U processor.

Let me explore it step by step .


Cost of Lenovo Yoga 920 ( 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM is 1.49 lac rupees .


A scene of excellence you could get in its design part of Lenovo Yoga 920 if you get it into your home. Laptop is excessively thin,  weighing 1.37 kg only and dimension-ally measures  12.7, 8.8, 0.5 inches ( L, B, T ). But, rather than being feeble, it is hard in nature and guarantees a top-level durability.

The lid of Lenovo Yoga 920 has been made with metal - like finish which contributes to its amazing looks. However, fingerprints would get settle on the lid part if you touch it deeply because of its glossiness. We can't avoid ourselves all the time from preventing us to touch the lid, rather what we could do is we can keep an average-sized cloth to keep our laptop clean from finger marks.

Extreme thin bezels of the display screen overwhelms the laptop with a gorgeous look because it enhances the size of the display screen which brings liveliness on the screen.

And what is more rejoicing is the return of the webcam to its original and most suitable position, that is , at the top bezel of the screen, although the bezels are thin and have less space  but Lenovo manufacturers have managed finely. In its predecessor Lenovo Yoga 910, webcam was settled at the bottom bezel which was quiet unsatisfactory for the users as it was unable to click some fancy and nice shots. But Lenovo Yoga 920 won't let you think about it.   It is good at clicking alluring pics with its 720p webcam . Even your video calling would be much more lively and free of interruptions which was quite noticeable in Yoga 910 .

A good news for the selfie shooters .

Another remarkable feature lies in its hinge part. It's hinge part has a nice glistening look  and the nice part of it is it's strong enough to rotate the display screen of the laptop by 360° .

Yes, you listened correct . You can rotate the display screen of your lappy from 0° to 360° and use it at whatever angle you want which gives you an option to use it in various modes, that is, in tablet mode, etc. according to your choice. Hinges promises a safe rotation without any doubts or fear of breakage of the hinge itself while rotating , which further proves its strength potential.


Good to know that Yoga 920 provides touchscreen display. Touchscreen display really helps us to control our work without using the keyboard. But there are some jobs like drawing, video editing, image editing etc. which requires a good amount of focus and bit difficult to do either with the keyboard or with your fingers ( using touchscreen feature ) .

Lenovo Yoga 920 provides one portable battery-charged pen, known as Active pen stylus which works on touchscreen devices and helps you to complete those above mentioned jobs. It comes within the entire package, and you don't need to pay an extra bill for this.

Hold the stylus just like a normal pen / pencil you hold and complete your work  appropriately.

Lenovo provides one tiny plastic holder to hold the stylus.

What you need to do is just fit the plastic holder in one of the ports and keep the stylus inside it.

Although it sounds fine and simple, but, not that fine, as well. Due to its overall slim design, it's obvious that there won't be a lot of ports in the device, that's what the reality is. And, in between this scarcity of ports, we need to use one extra port to fit the holder and keep stylus inside the holder. That port cannot be used even you are in need of it.

That was all about it design part.

Let me explore its display quality .


A fast and responsive 13.9 inch FHD touchscreen display of Lenovo Yoga 920 configured with extreme thin bezels is a masterpiece. Slim bezels widens the screen size of laptop and bring more life onto the screen when you watch a movie or video. Watch it in 1080p mode, you will enjoy a clear and colourful display . Or, if you desire, you can reset it to 4k display mode and watch it . I think words would be less in quantity to applaud it's goodness , until and unless, you watch it live. Still, I defined the 4k display mode's greatness in terms of clear , detailed and bright images that lets you feel amazing.


Keyboard is shallow but the keys travels a good distamce and provides comfort typing. Button-less touchpad, made of smooth textured glass, responses to your finger swipes and good enough in terms of size.

Along with these, you are going to get one fingerprint scanner at extreme right of the keyboard via which you can login to your device. This what prevents from getting into mess of remembering the login password and even no need to type it everytime you login. Placing the finger over  the scanner is all that you need to do for the login purpose.


Port facility does not meet up your expectation as the 920 model is slim in nature due to which it can't accommodate a good amount of ports on both sides. Few ports exists on it's left and right hand side , that is ,

Figure :- left side of Lenovo Yoga 920. ( sorry to say, but the picture of the USB TYPE-A port which is present on its right hand side is not available )

1. 2 USB TYPE-C ports ( left side ) 2. An audio jack ( left side ) 3.  1 USB TYPE-A port ( right side )

Quantity doesn't matter when quality beats quantity . And something similar is being seen here. Although quantity of ports is less, but its specifications are appreciable.

Let's explore it more closely.

Firstly, what they can do is it can charge your device more than 80% even if you connect the charger into the USB TYPE-C port . Secondly, no matter even if you shut down your laptop, it's ports are always ready to charge your other devices when you plugged in your laptop for charging. Ports are always ON to powered up your other devices.


Extremely slim in size, Yoga 920 cannot afford large speakers to be fitted with. Even it is not an ignorance by the company side. It's obvious. How on this earth can an object with a small volume accommodate large amount or big - sized things in it ?  But, still Yoga 920 manages to produce decent - level  quality sound with small speakers . No noise distortions or sound breakage in between playing music or watching videos. And the award goes to Dolby Atmos Premium who has powered up the audios of Lenovo Yoga 920 . Although, there is a different level of enjoyment with large speakers but, these tiny ones never back down to relish you.


Lenovo Yoga 920 offers a good long-lasting battery life. It works up to 9-10 hours while watching a movie which prevents you from getting your device plugged in within short periods of time .

Your healthy habit could also prevent you from draining your battery charge. What you can do is pull down the brightness level of the display screen whenever you don't need a high contrast screen while doing a particular work. That can be an effortless method to save your battery charge.

The mode of the display screen you use also decides upto how much time the battery charge remains. If you watch it at 1080p mode, charge consumption would be less . And watching at 4k display mode would consume more battery charge. So set the display mode accordingly.


Lenovo Yoga 920 is boosted up with 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U (80Y8003TIN) processor , along with 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD. Processing speed is 1.8 GHz at beginning and finalizes up to 4 GHz. A standout device with a great storage facility.

What a 16 DDR4 GB RAM can't do ? From storage to better efficient power consumption , it maintains everything. Even 16 GB RAM is acclaimed for a smooth game play, despite the fact, Yoga 920 lacks good graphics card .

Embedded with integrated Intel UHD graphics card, Lenovo Yoga 920 doesn't creates a good gaming zone within it . Instead of integrated, if it was discrete graphics card, then gaming could be more intensive.

512 GB SSD also lends its hand towards the improvement of the device. Along with a  efficient power consumption, reduces loading applications time, eases downloading of applications etc. are some of the positive stuffs upon which we can discover its usefulness.

That's all what we can say about Lenovo Yoga 920's specifications, its pros and cons.

Hope this article helps you to know everything about Lenovo Yoga 920. Thank you for reading this article. For more queries regarding this, comment down below. Also share your opinions about the pros and cons of the my above article.

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