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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Cost of Lenovo Legion Y7000 9th gen Intel Core i5 ( 8GB / 1TB HDD+256 GB SSD / NVIDIA GTX 1050 3GB Graphics ) is Rs. 59,990 .


Legion Y7000 comes up with an ultra-slim bezel , weighs 2.3 kg and dimension-ally it measures 14.2 * 10.5 * 1.0 inches . The lid of the laptop is covered with gray colour. No doubt, slim bezels act as a point of attraction for the people but cannot be noted as a praiseworthy one because configuration of thin bezel has been sacrificed with the placement of webcam of the laptop. Due to slim bezels, webcam did not get any space at the top of the bezel, rather , addressed at the bottom part , which is experimented as an unsuitable location for clicking pics .

Hinges have been incorporated in the device and it is attached by one solid structure at the center


Legion Y7000’s display sizes upto 15.6 inch ( 1920 * 1080 ) full HD display , endowed with IPS display technology producing perfect viewing angles and reveals a sense of clarity . No sort of glares or unwanted reflections exist in the display that would snatch up the comfort of your eye-sight. Imbibed with anti-glare technology, Legion Y7000 won’t let your eyes to get tired .

Now what does anti-glare technology actually mean? Nothing , but a technology by which anti-glare screen is coated over the display screen to cut the reflections , often caused by the interior or exterior sources of light , that does not allow you to continue your work .

No matter how much dynamic a person is, he/she could not deliver an eye-catching performance until and unless he/she gets proper refreshment and this is a universal law for everything. And same goes for electronic devices. Lenovo Legion Y7000 has been engineered with a refresh rate of 60 Hz , more than sufficient to project a good performance on the display screen upon which an user can get to enjoy a jovial moment , especially, during gaming . But if someone wants more than this, he/she might needs to re-manage his/her budget .


Have you ever asked someone about how they feel when they earn money ? But before asking this , 90% you all already know their answer and that is “ AWESOME “ . But “ AWESOMENESS “ would not stay longer if you do not have a proper place to store it ,or, let say , save it . And that proper place what we call is “ BANK “ .

And nothing different concept you will get in your device and on the grounds of electronic devices, we have different types of storages named as SSD , HDD , etc. . Lenovo has equally put their concern on the storage part of their device and packs it with 1Tb HD along with 256 SSD . What can be better than this when you are offered below 60k rupees ?

1 Tb HD and 256 SSD means a lot . In 1 Tb HD you can store a large no. applications , whether it is a gaming or, of something else . Presence of HD pulls down the overall price of the device . In addition to it , incorporation of 256 GB SSD in Y7000 makes the process more dynamic in nature, for example, eases a lot in transferring large files , reduces application downloading time etc. . And last but not the least , 8GB RAM

unified with DDR4 RAM technology, arrives at the storage arena that enhances the gaming ability of the device , speeds up the access time etc. . This is all that comes under the category of storage part of Legion Y7000.


Keyboard plays a key role in leading the overall review of the laptop to a better one . Lenovo manufacturers gives a fine touch to their keyboard part , lets you experience a smooth typing . The key decides a distance of 1.4 millimetres to travel, a good one for a comfortable typing . Along with it , 4.1 * 2.7-inch touchpad acts as a responsive one to your finger swipes . It also features 2-finger scrolling and 3-finger tabbing , an advantageous one.


When you start chasing performance, excellence starts chasing you. But to perform well you need to add something to your daily life which would take to your destiny. And what Lenovo has done to bring a glimpse of excellence in their product under 60,000 rupees?

Let you know about this.

Legion Y7000 is powered by 9th gen Intel Core i5-9300H processor along with 8GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 3GB Graphics supported by GDDR5 graphics technology .

9thgeneration Core i5-9300H processor works faster than its previous ancestor 8thgeneration Core i5-8300H processor on the grounds of turbo boost clock speed . This Core i5-9300H processor is initialized with a clock speed of 2.4GHz and accelerates up to 4.1GHz which denotes swift working attitude of the processor and even your laptop is loaded with various activities at the same time, it can manage well.

Presence of NVIDIA graphics card decides an enthralling game-play for the gamers and sharps its gaming performance . Your screen would be refreshed at a rate of 60Hz which promises a smooth and continuous gaming. Also, 256 GB SSD maintains the gaming arena to be more fast and responsive as it eases loading various sorts of applications, reduces access time or data copying time.


Blessed with Legion Cold front, Legion Y7000 won’t be that hot after working on it that leads destruction to the internal part of your device. The entire thermal system has been named as “LEGION COLD FRONT“ and let’s see what has been done to maintain the thermal system .

Dual-channel thermal system exists in the Legion Cold front in which CPU and GPU have different individual cooling systems which makes the thermal control more efficient. Per channel holds 70 fan blades to pull down the increasing noise level. Four thermal vents have been made an integral part of the thermal system that pays an attention regarding the inlet and outlet processes and brings an improvement. All these put a great emphasis on the temperature of the device.

Now you need to know something about how to keep your device while using your laptop which will help your device to release the hot air inside. Fans are placed at the bottom part of the device. Suppose you keep your laptop on your lap while working with it. Cold-front will try its best to maintain a decent temperature, despite the fact, your lap may act as a barrier by stopping the outgoing of the hot air, which further keep flowing inside the device and cause a damage . Now what you have to do is you need to raise your device by few inches in order to release the air by keeping some well-shaped object below your laptop. That’s what makes the best use of the cold-front.


Legion Y7000 features Dolby Atmos speakers, layouts a good immersive sound for the users. Dolby Atmos did not compromise with its sound quality and holds the capability to bring a sense of liveliness in every corners of the room. And when it comes to gaming, Dolby envelopes you with its sound’s accuracy and sometime you would feel you are really living in the gaming world, i.e., you live the moment. That’s what a buyer wants from its product, especially who are gaming aficionados and music lovers.


Battery runs up to 4 hrs and shows a mediocre performance. You may get interrupted while playing games as it consumes more power and energy.


Port facilities have been given equal care to the device. Numerous ports have been planted on the right and left hand side of the laptop. Let’s have a look at its different types of ports:

1. USB-C port

2. USB 3.1 ( 3 ports )

3. Headphone

4. Mini display port

5. HDMI 2.0

6. RJ45 port

7. Kensington Lock

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