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Until and unless you do not move ahead , you would never reach your destiny and if your destiny is to purchase a lappy that comes under 60k rupees , then i would suggest you to read this blog till the end . Ultimately, you would be well-aware why Lenovo legion Y540 has occupied the top position in our review list under the category of laptops below 60k rupees.

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Cost of Lenovo Legion Y540-81SY00CKIN 9th generation Intel Core i5 ( 8 GB RAM /512 GB SSD / NVIDIA GTX 16504 GB ) model is


Design, of a top-notch, throws a positive vibe towards the crowd and retraces with better results. Lenovo has done its best what they could do within their market range. But if you are desirous of a better one, you need to think or increase your budget. Remember, one flower can make you taste its fragrance but may not be fragrant enough to fill the entire room or house. You need to gather or purchase some more, i.e., what increase your budget. Let’s see what Lenovo has done with its product.

Lid of the laptop is made up of plastic. Although plastic made, you won’t enjoy a lustrous feel, but also, it’s not feeble physically, rather gives a robust feel after touching it. Weighs 2.3kg, Legion Y540 is a heavy one. 15.6 inch Full HD display engineered with nano-edged bezels poses a classy look and widens the space for display.

Though, webcam location is not a praiseworthy one as it has been placed at the bottom bezel which has been spotted as an unsuitable address for photo shoot or video calls because camera won’t show up you entire face, rather the lower portion of your face would only get visible, i.e., your nose and mouth. But, if you are consulting a dentist, it gonna help your doctor to do a check-up your teeth. By the way, quite hilarious to read but it may help you. Besides, Legion Y540 holds the capability of 180 degree turnover of display screen.


Legion Y540 lands with a display screen that poses an exquisite look due to its thin-edged bezel, giving more space to the screen activities to get display at a wider level that enhances the level of clarity. 15.6-inch FHD display (1920 * 1080) engineered with narrow bezels gives an overall handsome look to the device. All these are the reasons for its nice display exteriorly.

From its interior part, IPS-level display technology acts as a winning point for this device. IPS declines the response time of the screen activities, enhances the display angle and overall gives a high range display quality.

Anti-glare technology is featured by Legion Y540. Feeling won’t be good when exterior sources of light produce unwanted reflections that usually wear out your eyes and dries up your interest of work. But, if your laptop is a cousin of anti-glare technology then you would be promised to remain safe from all those unwanted musketeers affecting your daily work. It cuts all the reflections or glares and makes the passage of your eye from the display screen a comfortable one.

No matter how much dynamic a person is, he/she could not deliver an eye-catching performance until and unless he/she gets proper refreshment and this is a universal law for everything. And same goes for electronic devices. Lenovo Legion Y540 has been engineered with a refresh rate of 60 Hz , more than sufficient to project a good performance on the display screen upon which an user can get to enjoy a jovial moment , especially, during gaming.


Legion Y7000 features Dolby Atmos speakers, layouts a good immersive sound for the users. Dolby Atmos did not compromise with its sound quality and holds the capability to bring a sense of liveliness in every corners of the room. And when it comes to gaming, Dolby envelopes you with its sound’s accuracy and sometime you would feel you are really living in the gaming world, i.e., you live the moment. That’s what a buyer wants from its product, especially who are gaming aficionados and music lovers.


One thing which you will find common in almost everyone’s nature is a sense of contentment reflects on their face when they come to know that their device holds sufficient space and can take more load. And even it does not happen with majority of crowd, at-least I will count myself as one of those space lovers. But, contentment adds joyous when you get a good memory space along with a promising speed. That’s what makes your day when you work remains more up-to-date than your expectations.

Legion Y540 offers you 512GB SSD hybrid drive that lets you solve heavy tasks. Model does not come with hybrid hard drive (HDD) but, 512GB SSD alone can provide a plenty of space and much faster than HDD. SSD reads and writes data at a much faster rate. Now you need to move ahead according to the type of regular work you do. If your work demands a fast processing and deals with heavy applications, then you must go for Y540 because SSD will be there to upgrade your work.

Though I always mention this at last under the storage category, but covers a significant area when you consider the specifications before purchasing a laptop, i.e., RAM (random access memory). RAM is considered as the backbone of the device. And here Legion Y540 gives you 8GB RAM packed with DDR4 RAM technology,

a fine touch to your device that boosts up the gaming capability and ensures a good health to your device.

That’s all for the storage part.


Blessed with Legion Cold front, Legion Y540 won’t be that hot after working on it that leads destruction to the internal part of your device. The entire thermal system has been named as “LEGION COLD FRONT“ and let’s see what has been done to maintain the thermal system .

Dual-channel thermal system exists in the Legion Cold front in which CPU and GPU have different individual cooling systems which makes the thermal control more efficient. Per channel holds 70 fan blades to pull down the increasing noise level. Four thermal vents have been made an integral part of the thermal system that pays an attention regarding the inlet and outlet processes and brings an improvement. All these put a great emphasis on the temperature of the device.

Now you need to know something about how to keep your device while using your laptop which will help your device to release the hot air inside. Fans are placed at the bottom part of the device. Suppose you keep your laptop on your lap while working with it. Cold-front thermal system will try its best to maintain a decent temperature, despite the fact, your lap may act as a barrier by stopping the outgoing of the hot air, which further keep flowing inside the device and cause damage. Now what you have to do is you need to raise your device by few inches in order to release the air by keeping some well-shaped object below your laptop. That’s what makes the best use of the cold-front.


High performance shapes the quality of your work and every company needs to focus on this area to gather a crowd towards their product. Lenovo puts their best efforts to maintain the performance in their Legion Y540 series within the market range.

9th generation Core i5 processor laid a better future for the device along with the contribution of other members such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB graphics card, 8 MB smart cache, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM.

Processor runs with an initial speed of 2.4 GHz and pulls up to 4.1GHz, a noteworthy one, well-enough to lead your work. Fast and reliable storage capacity, 512GB SSD is one of the major reasons for its betterment. Within a short storage, SSD can stores a large numbers of applications, though an expensive one in comparison to HDD, but stands in your side, in terms of performance if you do not have that price issue.

How can we forget NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB Graphics Card which makes our review list incomplete if not mentioned? Imbibed with GDDR5 Graphic technology,

GTX 1650 brings a flow for a good gaming experience. Memory speeds up to 8 Gbps. GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card has a base clock speed of 1485 MHz and boosts up to 1665 MHz. Supreme in power efficiency, GeForce GTX 1650 enhances the lifetime of your laptop.

Finally yet importantly, 8 GB DDR4 RAM backs up the performance level with its fine capabilities in gaming arena, memory backups. A good RAM will never compromise to save the power of the device that further strengthens the health of the laptop. So, never miss to know about RAM before purchasing laptop from the shop. Have a sound knowledge of it and then decide.


On the grounds of connectivity, Lenovo has managed to equalise the level of expectations of the people and incorporated connection ports at its best. You will get these on its left hand side and its rear part. Let’s know it.


1. USB-C

2. Mini Display Port

3. USB 3.1 Gen 1


5. Ethernet

6. AC adapter

7. Kensington lock slot


8. USB 3.1 Gen 1 (two)

9. Headphone and mic slot


You would find more worth in reading this article when you get to know that keyboard of Legion Y540 stands out with some intensifying specifications in the market and give a chance to already purchased crowd to feel a full benefit of their money utilized for purchasing Y540.

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Highlighted with white colour, keyboard gathers a sort of winsomeness especially, when you are ON with your keyboard in a dark room or less light. WASD keys have been highlighted on the keyboard with laser light. The above picture will give you an idea, though, picture is not actually of Legion Y540, you can get a knowledge about how it looks highlighted .

But do you know why WASD keys are highlighted?

It’s done for gaming purpose so that it helps the players to keep their eyes on these 4 keys in a constant manner without any unwanted or by mistake press over other keys . ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ keys direct forward, leftward, downward, rightward directions respectively. This WASD facility eases the gamers to control their game play efficiently as you can look at the picture and get an idea that WASD keys are located nearly which let the gamers control their game play quickly without moving their fingers far.

Anti-ghosting technology is present in the keyboard. But several don’t know what ghosting actually is?

Ghosting is an issue where we cannot press more than one key simultaneously in our keyboard. For example, when you need to copy something, you press Ctrl button and letter C button together, but ghosting will not let you do that, rather it avoids ‘Ctrl’ and ‘C’ keys to act together even if you do a correct press.

Nowadays, gaming requires more than one key to be pressed simultaneously for activating the necessary functions required in the game accordingly. It may be 2, or 3 or N no. of keys to be pressed together, i.e., also known as N-key roll over function. Different companies now manufacture keyboards with anti-ghosting technology which has now become a very demanding one. Anti-ghosting technology allows you to do a simultaneous press, covers a major importance when you are playing some online or offline stuffs.

Not yet finished, still left to say about Windows Precision Drivers that permits multiple gestures, such as three finger swipes etc. . Button-less touchpad is a responsive one to your finger swipes and brings a comfort to your fingers while swiping on touchpad, as it has been made with a good grip which heightens the perfection of your swipes over it (touchpad) without any faults or interruptions. In addition to it, the keys act in less than 1 ms to your presses, a good one.

This is all about LENOVO LEGION Y540-81SY00CKIN's specifications. Match your requirements with its specifications and if you ask me personally, I will consider it as a best laptop below 60k rupees, though, price may fluctuate up-down with time, but if you can manage your budget, you may go for it.

Hope this article helps you. Thank you very much for reading this article till the end. Also, don’t forget to pen down your reviews or queries regarding this blog in the comment section below. Your comments will help us to rectify more.

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