Learning from others is not bad..we can grow by learning....but don't compare yourself with others.

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Often people make plan before going to their bed to start a " positive tomorrow " , despite the fact , they cannot remain stick to their plan and finally end their tomorrow without any gain . We can say that the " Comparison " named disease eats more than half of the minds of the people in this entire world which results into a regular depression .

What do people actually compare ?

...... I do not have a lot of money like my friends .

I did not born physically attractive like one of my neighbor .

I am short , i am fat, i am not fair-looking , i am doing a less good job than my mate , i am not good in studies and so on .....

And the continuation goes on . But people never make their mind wait for a second to appreciate for what you have got today . Now here are some questions with their simple answers .

1. Did you ever thank God after waking up in the morning that you are privileged to see and talk to your parents ?

-> if not , then visit an orphanage .

2. Did you ever feel happy when you do something physical activity ?

-> if not , then please visit a hospital and do a survey .

3. Have you ever enjoyed your meal when your mother served it to you or just complained ?

-> if not , then visit a slum area.

Try to act in your life according to those above answers , then you can feel a wind of positive vibes blowing in your mind ; you will start questioning yourself that why you always compares yourself with others , why you was not able to dig that inner goodness that lies inside you . God has gifted people with different qualities and we must learn to respect it throughout our life.

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