Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Google has made an official announcement that they are buying wearable-products company Fitbit for $2.1 billion and would me making the competition forum more competitive , especially for Apple company whose smartwatches and other wearable items have received nice appreciation from the people last year .

First of all , let's know about Fitbit in short . Fitbit is an American based company which manufactures wearable products such as fitness tracker , smartwatches which can prepare your health report digitally by counting the no. of steps you have walked , measures your heart and pulse rate, etc. .

Including Apple company , Fitbit company is well renowned for its wearable items, supports the belief of the customers by maintaining it's market value . However , Google giants has decided to expand and grow in wearable sector , although Facebook was also in mood to purchase Fitbit . But , Google seems more favorable to Fitbit as it came with an offer of $2.1 billion , almost double than that of Facebook .

James Park , Fitbit CEO , delivers his opinions by saying that it would help them to make an augmentation in their innovation with Google globally which would ultimately enhance the no. of consumers of their products .

Before purchasing Fitbit , Google has tried its level best , despite the fact , Apple has managed to incline the indicator of people's choice towards their side by focusing on the ability of their watches . For example , it can give ECG reports for your heart which may prevent the patients to avoid diagnostic labs ; think how active their product is . Now with Fitbit , Google may be competing well and may bring more exciting innovations in the wearable sector .

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