Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Smartphones with pop up camera have made a significant change in the mobile world. Pop up selfie cameras has facilitated people and it's proceeding on an active track towards a destiny of future demands . But , we cannot ignore the fact that everything can't be 100% perfect and , somehow , pop up selfie camera has also popped out with some problems causing damage to our phone.

It has been proved in several smartphones such as Realme X, Xiaomi Redmi K20, Oppo Reno 10X, Asus 6Z , One Plus 7 Pro , that only WhatsApp and Instagram video calls are controlling the pop up camera on their own . More precisely , pop up selfie cameras are meant to be controlled by their users , whenever they want , they turn it on or turn it off , but , whenever someone do a video call to you via WhatsApp or Instagram , the front camera slides out itself from the top of your phone on their own without any permission from user . All this happens due to the UI ( user interface ) of WhatsApp & Instagram . Their UI automatically triggers the pop up selfie camera on their own due to which selfie camera slides out itself and becomes user independent at the time of video call .

Now think your have kept your smartphone in your pocket and a Whatsapp or an Instagram video call came in your phone ; the selfie camera slides out itself from the top of the phone and may put some scratches in the front lens of camera.

This case is found only in WhatsApp and Instagram video calls , not in other apps such as messenger , Skype or Hangout . Unfortunately , there is no warranty card service if your pop up selfie camera gets damaged .

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