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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

New XPS 15 has not only covered up the market lands, but, even, it has covered the hearts of many with its amazing specifications, in comparison to the previous one. And just like XPS 13, now XPS 15 has become a sensational emergent.

This article will help you to understand the amazing features of Dell XPS 15 and helps you to analyse and plan a budget according to your needs.

Let me bring out all about it's features one-by-one.


Let you know that the starting price of Dell XPS 15 is Rs. 97,334 .( $ 1299 ).


If there are anything that looks as usual smart and holds enough elegancy to mesmerize the crowd then obviously the XPS series laptops would be one of them. And the new pampered product of Dell, that is, Dell XPS 15 has been brought-in in the supermarket with a great modifications , just like, Dell XPS 13 has been brought.

Artistry gets clearly defined in this XPS 15 model when you see it . Built with slim chassis and thin-edged display, Dell XPS 15 is as charm as ever . It's lid is made up of silver aluminium and measures 0.71 inch edges . Dimensional figures measures 13.57 x 9 x 0.7 inches .

And what's about it's weight ?

Let me bring some light on the fact this new XPS 15 ( 2020 ) is available with two different battery options , i.e., 56 Whr ( non - touch screen ) and 86 Whr ( touch screen ). Do you know that battery shares maximum part of the weight of an electronic device ? Yes, it does . Apparently, 86 Whr battery individually weighs more than that 56Whr battery weighs. And the model of XPS 15 which features 86Whr battery weighs 4.5 pounds and the model with 56Whr battery weighs 4 pounds . Choice is yours . Your priority should reside with XPS 15 that features 86Whr battery if you require a laptop that delivers powerful performance and concurrently you could afford the MRP at which it is available to you. Else way, the laptop with 56Whr battery can be opted out.

Bezel-less display is an another bestowal to XPS 15 , that's what compels an individual to gaze upon it. And what makes the thing more fascinating regarding XPS 15 is the ingress of the 4-sided Infinity Edge display which redraw a new outfit, unlike, its predecessor one. Let me be more clear about it in it's display part.


Configured with 15.6-inch 4-sided Infinity Edge display (1920 x 1200 or 3840 x 2400 display resolution), new Dell XPS 15 just follows the pattern of awesomeness . And even it turns up with the exclusion of the bottom thick sized bezel which has spread out the display screen in terms of size and get into the details properly. But, if I talk with precision then they won't have only trimmed the bottom part bezel, rather, from all the four sides of the screen. And trimming the bezels from all 4 sides of the screen has been termed as 4-sided Infinity Edge display . That's a great job by Dell . In addition to it, you will get 92.9% screen to body ratio in XPS 15 which will be an another reason for fully being engrossed into the screen.

Durability has been seen as a matter of concern because Depp XPS 15's screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

Enriched with bright colours and shades of different colours like black, deep green are kind of great. So live and clear .

How can't it be even bright ? The display panel produces 132% of the sRGB color gamut . Straightly deserves a sort of " WOW " from the crowd . Different colors are balanced properly which helps to strengthen the backbone of color tone of the screen . On the measuring scale, new XPS 15 measures nearly 434 nits of brightness.

Better not to forget about Dell PremierColor ( a software application developed by Dell itself ) software that lets you adjust the display screen's color temperature. You are benefitted with it's nine presets , that is ,

1. Vibrant 2. Internet 3. Custom 4. SD video 5. HD video 6. Cinema 7. Low blue 8. Photo 9. Low blue light .

Choose the preset according to your needs.

Unquestionably, people loves touch screen gadgets which you usually enjoy in smartphones . But answer me. Wouldn't you be happy enough if your laptops are configured with touch screen display ? Comment down below your opinion, but, I am nearly 100% certain that most of you would love it. Let's become happy because Dell has incorporated that touch screen facilities in XPS 15 , the model which features 86Whr battery .


Typing would not be that tiresome part of your day when new XPS 15 is a part of your working life. Keys are large-sized enough for comfort typing and travels 1.3 mm . Often it happens that you make several mistakes while typing due to incorrect presses . Incorrect presses occurs mainly due to two reasons , first one is lack of proper gaps between the keys itself, and, second one is small sized keys . But, in XPS 15 2020, accuracy has been invited at a great extent because the keys are, both, big enough in size and well spaced between them.

5.9 x 3.5 inches touchpad has been settled and 62% larger than their predecessor one. Have you ever been frustrated while swiping on the touchpad just because your fingers get moved out from it due to its small size ? Nearly everyday I face this problem and, even, many of you walk on that same path. This immense touchpad of XPS 15 2020 dilutes all those everyday brain spoiling stuffs and lets you experience smooth typing. Windows 10 gestures such as two finger scroll , three finger tap etc. works in a very nice manner.

Keyboard deck is made up of black carbon fiber and alongside this, you get a good amount of space for palm rest beside the touchpad.


Powered by Waves NX 3D audio, the combination of the four speakers in Dell XPS 15 has been a major contribution to the audio world. Out of those four speakers, two of them are primary speakers and remaining two are tweeters . Sound is loud and clear enough to reach every corners of the room and let you undergo 3D experience .

More you will get on the way, i.e., Waves Maxx Audio Pro technology application and Waves professional tuning that heightens the audio quality and delivers sound with supreme clarity and liveliness .


Powered by 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H processor along with 32GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD , new Dell XPS 15 is no more less than a blazing behemoth. New XPS 15 is replete with amazing specifications, and, undoubtedly, it is going to make space in hearts of many . 10th Generation Comet Lake H series processors powers this XPS 15 and intensifies the processing speed exceedingly. Believe me or not , you can work in XPS 15 smoothly, even, you have kept nearly 30-35 tabs opened that's what we call multitasking. No signs of sputtering were found.

XPS 15 transcodes a 4k video to 1080p in just 10 minutes and 6 seconds. Dell XPS 15's 512 GB PCle SSD transfers 4.97 GB of files in 8 seconds for a transfer rate of 726 megabytes per second .

On the grounds of graphics, 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16650Ti Max-Q stands in XPS 15. It's eases editing works like photo editing, video editing etc. . When you hear the term " graphics " , most of your mind deviates towards gaming. Haplessly Dell XPS 15 is not that gaming beast that several of my readers might have expected from it, although, it can't be even said that it's wholly devoid of gaming competence , which is a positive part of it. In other words, the gameplay is admissible here on the grounds that it doesn't support highly intensified games that strictly demands proficient graphics.


Quantitatively, ports and slots are enough which you get on its both sides of it.

On its left hand side :-

1. A pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports 2. A wedge lock slot

On it's right hand side :-

1. SC Card Reader 2. USB Type - C port 3. Headset jack


Dell XPS 15 incorporates that same 720p camera as the XPS 13. 0.08-inch webcam gets fitted properly on the top bezel of it, despite the fact, it's doesn't have that shooting ability which can provide you clear shots enough. Video conferencing is quite fine , but, get one thing very much clear , that is, if you want more quality in your video calling , make sure you start investing in purchasing external cameras .


Battery of XPS 15 is not as healthy as it was expected. It might be possible that you don't need to plug in your laptop if the workload on your device is less . But , usually, it won't run for a long time without being plugged. XPS 15 ran for 8 hours and 1 second when tested via Laptop Mag Battery Test, lesser than Dell XPS 13 2020 model which runs for almost 11-12 hours . However, it's greater than Dell G5 15 SE which runs for 7 hours and 14 minutes.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope it makes you clear everything that you need to know about Dell XPS 15 .

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