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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

People might not have expected such a lovely comeback of XPS 13 model but Dell has crossed their level of expectations. Same hero with different story this time, or rather, let say, a positive twist in their story. Previously, Dell was not that able to spread pleasure among the XPS 13's purchasers and XPS 13's aspirants with their predecessor model, on some grounds, like, for example, camera's position, keyboard's touchpad ( though it was quiet enjoyable even before but an inch higher in this new model ) display panel configuration and more.

Don't you wanna know about these changes that let you experience it as a best laptop of XPS series of Dell.

So, I am not gonna waste your time . Let's come straight away to the point and explore its specifications and all.

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It's design would surely convince you to lend your purchase-hand towards it. What it's design gives you is, a total peace while you use it because of it's lid part coloured with extreme polar white colour, a colour which is a considered as a symbol. Not only it's lid part, rather, the entire laptop has been coated with that same colour.

Can't estimate it's beauty ? Don't worry. Just take a short look at the picture below.

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Dimension-ally, it measures 11.6, 7.8, 0.6 inches ( l, b, t ) and weight measures 2.8 pounds ( 1.27 kg ) , a laptop with great ultra-portability . Although, it would have been lesser in weight than it's actual measurement ( 2.8 pounds ), but, integration of anodized aluminium layer over the lid has made it to weigh a bit higher.

Exterior beauty of the device has been glorified with configuration of thin bezels around the display screen of Dell XPS 13. This is something new and engaging one which you didn't get in the previous model. That's a bonus point of this new XPS 13.

But, do bezels only contribute to its exterior beauty ? Or do something else ?

What does it do next ?

Nobody can ignore the fact that a big display panel produces much clear objects on the screen with a great precision of it. Even who don't wanna accept this specification as a part of their device. Several people would think just about fitting the device with a big display panel. But, wait. Don't you care about it's overall weight which would walk on a path of increment and removes its overall portability. So, the solution is to make the bezels as thin as possible. Thin bezels helps in enhancing the display size and further helps in bringing more liveliness, brighter and clarity on the screen field.

Thinner the bezels are, bigger the display panel and brighter the screen is.


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Configured with 13.4 inch display along with ultra slim bezels is worth noticeable. As I already described in the above paragraph, presence of slim bezels has donated a lot , in terms of physical charm and brighter display screen which was missing in its predecessor one.

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XPS 13 produces 115% of sRGB colour gamut that truly deserves " WOW " reactions from the public. That's enough to get mesmerized at it. But, the story doesn't end here. There are some extra stuffs within the model , to boost up the energy of the display screen further.

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A software application, Dell's CinemaColor stands to balance the contrast, brightness, saturation of display screen. Along with it, another application named as Dolby Vision combines HDR and wide color gamut make the screen more bright and vivid. All you need to do is to activate these applications from the system within and get a light of it.


In Dell XPS 13, audio quality fails to touch the heart just because speakers are being addressed at bottom of the device. And as we have already found out in the former part of this article that the deck has been left out  with almost no space due to which speakers didn't get a proper settlement for themselves . If their position was at on top of the deck which you fill find in several other laptops, then would have been a different matter regarding audio.

Despite it's location, Dell has cultivated some magical stuffs in its sound which can be enjoyed if you are sitting in a room, or somewhere else, without any external noise. Though, it won't be that smart to excite you at a level which you enjoy when you are with a set of good speakers.

Despite it's positional odds, whatever you enjoy in it's audio, the credit goes to Waves MaxxAudio Pro software that manages its audio capabilities.


Looking at XPS 13's keyboard, particularly, the keys, seems like the snow flakes are fallen on the deck. Entirely polar-white in colour, while typing, you will feel like your fingers are skiing on it.

Key caps are large enough for a comfortable typing, although, in return, there is not enough space between the keys. Along with it, XPS 13 is blessed with 4.4 , 2.6 inches ( l, b )  glass-made touchpad that features all those Windows gestures such as three finger swipes, pinch to zoom etc. . This time touchpad has come with a bigger size than its previous model , giving more space to the users to swipe their fingers.

Overall, it's good to use and co-operating in nature.


Powered by 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 ice lake processor, and configured with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB M.2 PCle NVMe SSD, you can guess the level of its performance . This 10th generation Ice Lake processor gives a fine touch to your device by energizing the multitasking process, strengthens the gaming platform and creates a better Wi-Fi connectivity. You can do your work smoothly even if you have opened a number of tabs.

512 GB M.2 PCle NVMe SSD makes the installation process more faster, lessens the boot and load time etc. . Even it is the hand behind less power consumption of XPS 13, and, in return, makes the battery life more breathful . Although, it pushes up the overall price of the device ,but still, in return, you are getting benefits in the form of a system with sufficient storage capabilities, tight and fit operating system as well and many others as said above .

And what shall I say about it ? You are very much familiar with the term and know it's gravity in the field of electronics.

Yes, I am talking about RAM ( random access memory ) . And if you are ready to make new XPS 13 a part of your life, then , listen one more thing, you are blessed with its 16 GB RAM. 16 GB RAM is strong enough to tackle your daily computer problems. What it do is improves the overall performance of the device ( gaming, good storage, good device speed without stutters etc. ) .

Let's talk a bit about its graphics. Packed with Intel Iris Plus GPU card. Although, name could be new to you , but don't be too excited about it's performance. On the grounds of comparison with NVIDIA or AMD, Intel Iris Plus is behind them, whether you consider boosting the immunity of gaming platform, speed of it's processor or something else. But, I didn't mean it deserves to get overlooked entirely. It provides almost 59 fps which is quite adorable and worthful .


720p camera works at its best to click nice shots. But what extra we can talk about it is it's new address in the device, i.e., at the top bezel , although, the bezel itself is thin in size but manages to provide space for the settlement of the camera. Previously, it was controversial and demoralizing one because the camera was set up at the bottom part which is not a commodious place for clicking pictures because it won't capture your entire face, rather, lower part of your face, i.e., nose and mouth would get captivated in the photo.


Supreme in power, the new model of Dell XPS 13's battery is no more less. Several times, it feels very much frustrating that while doing some work in your lappy, your device gets charged down and need to plug in your device. This has happened to you many times before and will go on in future. But won't be same this time. Dell XPS 13 runs for almost 11-12 hours continuously. It may run 1-2 hours less when you are doing some intensive activities such as gaming, watching HD films etc. .


Manufacturers weren't able to pay attention on the connectivity part due to the extreme thinness of the device. Ports and slots require space on the side part of the laptop to get fitted. But, how it is possible to provide space to the ports when the laptop itself is slim in size which creates lack of space. Isn't it or not ? What you get with it is listed below :-


1. Thunderbolt 3 port 2. Headset Jack


1. Thunderbolt 3 port 2. Micro SD slot

Thank you for reading this article.

Hope it helps you in every way to know about Dell XPS 13 2020 . Don't forget to share your opinions regarding the article in the comment box below.

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