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CPU : Intel Core i7-855OU / GRAPHICS : Intel UHD Graphics 620 / RAM : 8 GB - 16 GB / SCREEN : 13.9 inch 1920 X 1080 - 13.9 inch 3840 X 2160 / STORAGE : 256 GB - 1 TB SSD

Lenovo Yoga 920 , successor of lenovo yoga 910 has come up to the scene with a weight of 1.37 kg and dimensional values are 12.7 X 8.8 X 0.5 inches. It has been furbished with a metallic finish projects a gleaming view , despite the fact , user would be needing a cleaning cloth to clean all those fingermarks which sets down on the device while using it .

Hinges of Yoga 920 has a good reputation in rotating the screen of the laptop at any angle without dislocating the position of the rest of the part , or more precisely, it offers a 360 degree flexible turn .

Display bezel of this model is thin-sized enabling users to relish a big and vivid screenplay. Also , the comeback and re-placement of its webcam at its original location, i.e. , at the upper bezel from the lower one, supports people's avid for this Yoga 920 . This is because snapshots can be prove to be enticing ones with shooters at top bezel , unlike , its immediate ancestor Lenovo Yoga 910 in which the webcam was infixed at the bottom bezel .

Usually , this laptop has been also faciliated with a few number of ports such as :

(a) Audio jack ( left side )

(b) 2 USB-C ports ( left side )

(c) Full sized USB-A 3.0 port ( right side )

The most interesting fact lies in the inclusion of the Active Pen stylus in the entire package of Lenovo Yoga 920 . You don't need to buy this active pen additionally . The screen well-responds to the stylus, or, even our fingers and allows a smooth job. Although, the size of the laptop is small but never disheartens people with its sound quality. You will not receive any kind of feeble-type sound .

Another remarkable feature of this model is that its USB ports can be used even when the laptop is shut down . Generally, people do charging of other devices from their laptops by connecting USB cable only when their laptop is in active mode . But, here the story is bit different when you can enjoy the usage of your Yoga 920 during its off mode .


CPU : Core i5-8250U / GRAPHICS : Intel UHD 620 / RAM : 16 GB / SCREEN : 14 inch 2560 X 1440 - 14 inch 1920 X 1080 / STORAGE : 512 GB

Lenovo has been upgrading it's Thinkpad model year after year since 2012 starting with 3rd generation. Now, let's review about its 6th generation which has framed its own identity as a perfect business laptop and for IT professionals because for its focus on work productivity and, most importantly, its security management which ensures professionals to keep their trade affairs unattacked by hackers, especially , due to vPro technology which we will discuss in the rest part.

Dimensions are 12.7 X 8.5 X 0.6 inches and its weight measures 2.5 pound . This laptop has an impressive thinness and even weighs lighter than some of 13 inch display laptops such as Dell XPS 13 9370, MacBook Pro, Dell Latitude 7390 etc. Lenovo has strengthen its product involving magnesium and carbon fiber in ThinkPad Carbon's manufacturing . Lenovo claimed that it has passed MIL-STD-810G durablity test , a test for measurement of tolerance of any device in extreme temperature or any other adverse conditions.

Carbon X1 supports dTPM encryption and Intel vPro technology which you may not get in Intel Core i5-8250U model , but , however ,i7-8650U guarantees it’s availability . Fortunately , ThinkPad Carbon X1 helps the crowd to login to their device using match-in-sensor fingerprint technology . Match-in-sensor fingerprint reader assures security of all the biometric information of an user and prevents foreign accessibility.

Usage of vPro technology has made it a choice for many , rather a good and a safe choice , especially for IT professionals and business users. Intel's vPro technology has launched an atmosphere of distant management . Or, in other words , the device can be investigated and controlled whether it needs any kind of treatment , or any kind of upgradation from a particular distant location which enhances comfort for users. In addition to it , vPro has provided a better performance such as battery working 16% faster than the previous one , better graphics etc.

If technology is boon to us , then somehow, it has managed to hit the people with misfortune. When a combination of technology and human workforce has permitted people to shoot pics with their laptops , then , on the contrary , black-hat hackers have cultivated unethical ways to hack your photos through the camera embedded in your lappy. Lenovo has used Think shutter as a shield , a cover which slides across the laptop camera when you are not using your camera . While capturing images , the slide opens itself and gets closed after your clicking job is finished .

Talking about the display part of Lenovo's Thinkpad X1 Carbon, vibrancy would be its first good will . Colors are popping out of the screen especially red and blue colors which are so chromatic and impressive that one has to keep his/her eyes on the screen for a while. Its display screen has been made more stable by using in-cell touch technology , a technology in which the digitizer or capacitive touch screen layer is fitted with the LED screen instead of coating it additionally on the LED screen. This also prevents the laptop to become heavy and maintains a decent weight.

ThinkPad Carbon X1 's keyboard is a praiseworthy one. This keyboard contains a TrackPoint , a red-colored button located between G and H keys. Or , in other words , trackpoint button is another mouse. We know that in laptop , there is no mouse. All the work is done on the TouchPad to move the cursor. Now it is more easier to move the arrow-shaped pointer on the screen using trackpoint button. More you press the button on the right side, more the cursor will move towards right and vice-versa.

Numerous ports have been included with this laptop such as :

(a) HDMI port ( left side )

(b) one USB Type-A (left side )

(c) 2 Thunderbolt 3 ( left side )

(d) Type-A ( right side )

(e) audio jack ( right side )

(f) Kensington lock slot ( right side )

Configured with Dolby audio software , audios of ThinkPad Carbon X1 sounds not an enthralling one. Or, in other words , the sound is not so audible and confusing one . It would be better if you listen to music using a pair of headphones .

So , we have ended our discussion regarding ThinkPad Carbon X1 . Don’t forget to pen down your opinions in the comment box about this blog after reading this article . Your reviews will help us to grow more and make you well-informed .

Thanks a lot !!!


CPU : Core i5 9300H / GRAPHICS : 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GRAPHICS CARD / RAM : 8 GB DDR4 RAM / SCREEN : 1920 x 1080 pixels / STORAGE : 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD

Lenovo legion Y540 has set its foot on the stage with the processor of Intel Core i5

(9th Gen) . Legion Y540 has been branded as an enriching gaming laptop with a base speed of 2.40 Ghz, and a display size of 15.6 inch and 17.6 inch ( both models are available ) well-suited for video editing , gaming , surfing etc. Laptop has been furbished with thin bezel display which enhances the display dimension-ally giving it an enticing look . Lenovo has implemented NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphic Processor which has maintained the quality of its display giving a detailed description of ongoing activities ( net surfing , gaming ) on its screen .

In this model , touchscreen is not available. Anti-glare glass has come to a scene of refurbishment of this laptop screen. Though, anti-glare glass exhibits a matte finish , it proves itself as a beneficial one for many reasons such as it cuts the glare ( brightness ) of the screen which reduces strain from eyes . It also precludes unwanted imprints of fingers which gets settled in case of glare glass while using it. You don't need to clean those imprints often.

Unlike Y740 , you won't be getting RGB fashioned keyboard rather you will get white lighted backlit keyboard. This laptop has an amazing infrastructure with a sufficient number of ports located at the bottom back of the laptop which are as follows :

(a) USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C

(b) USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A

(c) Mini DisplayPort 1.4

(d) HDMI 2.0

(e) Ethernet

(f) Kensington Lock

(g) Power port

The left side consists of two ports :

(a) USB A 3.1 port

(b)Headphones Jack

The right side consists of only one port , i.e. , USB A 3.1 port.

Let's talk about its thermal capacity . Legion Y540 has been designed to release all its hot air out of the laptop using dual thermal channel system . Separate cooling systems have been used for CPU and GPU including 4 thermal vents or passages for inlet and outlet of air and 70 individual fan blades . Fan blades helps in cooling the laptop and i think 70 fan blades would make it more worthful . However , you need to clean the vents or passages so that it wouldn't block the air. This may also damage your device.

Battery of this won't be an efficient one as it can run only for 5 hours and can't keep your laptop unplugged for long. So you are bit unlucky and need to carry cable charger to charge it .

Coming to its camera part , webcam is able to capture nice shots but won't be that nice as it has been addressed at its bottom bezel which is considered a unsuitable place to shoot . It has examined in other laptops that webcams at bottom part fails to click some stunning pics. Consequence would not be worst, but, somehow manages to dissatisfy the user.

Sound quality is good and does not compel buyers to bother regarding metallic sound . However , if the room is quiet then only sound would be clear and tidy to you , otherwise if you are in a mood to hear music or watch any video sitting in a noisy room, then sound wouldn't be so clear .

Hinges of this laptop are quiet well and can bend up to 180 degree . So you can do your game play in your laptop in a flat position which can be more interesting one . .

Overall , this laptop has perfect features .Though it has been specialized as a laptop for game play , it's simple and tidy look has made it a more decent one and can be utilized even for business purposes, office works etc. Multi-tasking features can be seen in this laptop. Multi-tasking over here signifies that you can open no. of different files at a time. So, analyze the above merits and demerits of this laptop and then go for it .


CPU : Core i5 8265U processor ( 8th generation ) / GRAPHICS : 2 GB NVIDIA MX250 Graphics / RAM : 8 GB / SCREEN : 14 inch ( 1920 x 1080 pixel ) / STORAGE : 1 TB HDD + 1 TB SSD .

Lenovo has come up with an idea of launching its new ideapad laptop S540 , powered by Core i5 8265U processor, 8th Gen , with 14 inch Full HD anti-glare IPS LED display. Its display resolution measures 1920 x 1080 pixels .Focusing on its hardware part , lenovo , this time , has formulated a way for storage of large quantum of applications and legion of files by incorporating 1 TB SSD ( Solid State Drive ) , large enough than its predecessors .

Now, coming to its design part , the lid of S540 is entirely made up of aluminium which gives an admirable appearance. However, it's glossy surface becomes prone to fingerprints due to its shining surface which needs to be cleaned with some cleaning clothes . Ideapad S540 weighs 1.8 kg and impressively thin which can be carried easily without any discomfort. Bezels are extremely thin and , consequently , enhances the display panorama . Also, the display has been enriched with NTSC color gamut .

You will get one camera at the top bezel but a matter of interest grows among people when they come to know about it's security . Unfortunately , technology has been disguised as " a way of committing crime " by black-hat hackers , sitting somewhere and mastering a plan to hack or steal your privacy or your photos or photos of your surroundings to harm you through the camera present in your laptop . Lenovo has utilized a Privacy Shutter to cover your laptop camera. Privacy Shutter is a metallic cover used to close the camera when you don't need it . Privacy Shutter guarantees a perfect and a reliable safeguard and , in no way a hacker can invade your privacy , even a hacker gives his/her best . When you are interested to shoot a selfie , open the Shutter by sliding horizontally , take a shot and close it after clicking .

Keeping security in your mind , lenovo has implemented fingerprint technology which avoids unwanted people to login to your laptop. Fingerprint sensor pad has been embedded at the bottom right hand side below the keyboard. It keeps your fingerprints secure and enhances it's safety .

Lenovo provides another merit of their S540 model by claiming its battery life of 9 hours after it has been charged fully . And , if you charge your S540 for 15 minutes , then you can use your device for 2 hours , which can be a reason for its choice . Battery Capacity is well maintained and you don't need to worry about its drainage while carrying your device outside once you have fully charged .

Lenovo has used back lit chiclet keyboards . Chiclet keyboards are quieter and makes less noise . These chiclet keyboards are also known as island keyboard or flat keyboard.

Keys are small and square-shaped and have rounded corners which brings a better look .

Port facility has been equally paid attention . On it's left hand side of the, following ports are present :

1. AC-in


3. USB 3.1

4. Audio combo

On the right hand side of this :

1. SD Card Reader

2. USB 3.0

3. USB 3.0 ( always ON or in active mode )

This laptop ranked a good position from overall aspects and given its best this time . Now it's up to you to look at your requirements and whether it matches your purpose or not and then go for it .


CPU : 8th Gen Intel Core i5 / i7 vPro / GRAPHICS : Integrated Graphics / RAM : 8 GB / SCREEN : 14 inches ( 1920 x 1080 Full HD ) / STORAGE : 512 SSD

Lenovo ThinkPad has launched its new T-series laptop, i.e., T480 in 2018 . T480 model has been processed with 8th generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors ( both i5 and i7 models are available ) . Thinkpad T480 has set its foot on the battlefield strongly with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD , a fantastic one especially for those who want a rapid and a perfect completion in their work . This laptop weighs 1.58 kg and possess a 14 inch display, making it a slimmest business laptop.

ThinkPad T480 has been embedded with plenty of ports . Ports are present on the right and left hand side of this device . Following ports are :

1. Two USB 3.0 connectors

2. A full size Ethernet port

3. HDMI-out

4. SD card reader

5. USB Type-C

6. Thunderbolt 3

Lenovo has always tested their products to check whether their devices can sustain in adverse conditions or not , such as in extreme hot temperatures , arid or desert regions, or in severe vibration areas such as earthquake . And like other models , Lenovo ThinkPad T480 has passed MIL-spec tests which finalizes its tolerance power a perfect one . Lenovo also has its own tolerance-checker test, i.e. , bump test which has been cleared by Lenovo T480 .

Security has been well-solidified in T480 with various things which are described below :

1. dTPM encryption - Everyone is concerned regarding their official and business secrets and want to keep private in their device . However , if the device don't assures a good security level then it becomes difficult to rely upon . Lenovo T480 has come up with dTPM ( discrete Trusted Platform Module ) encryption which acts an extra layer for preserving the encryption key which prevents any unauthorized person to hack your personal details .

2. Optional Fingerprint reader - Lenovo T480 has used fingerprint reader , but , you won't be finding this in every model , that's why optional is mentioned . If you want a lappy with a finger print reader, then do a check before purchasing . Finger print reader uses match-on-chip technology , an efficient way to shield your privacy .

3. Optional IR camera - Infrared (IR ) cameras are used in webcams of laptop which allows you to login to your device after recognition of your face . Or in other words , the webcam will identify your face when you will sit before your laptop camera and then only you would be able to login to your laptop . This is one of the best ways to lock your device .

4. Intel vPro technology - vPro technology has polished remote management and destined it at a good level . Arrival of vPro technology has permitted people to control all their office works from anywhere , wiping everyday's go-to-office culture . You can sit at your home or anywhere and finish all you works . Also , when you send your work-details from your server to chief administrator via a channel , the work-details are strongly-encrypted without any fear of leakage .

1920 X 1080 display is not endowed with so much vibrancy . Although, images are well-detailed and clear, but , unlike other laptops , display colors are not popping out of the screen , making it less bright . For example , Lenovo ThinkPad T480 has produced 77 % of the sRGB colour gamut which is lesser than Dell Latitude 7390 ( 132 % ) , HP EliteBook ( 112 % ) and many other .

Audios of Lenovo ThinkPad T480 sounds okay. Speakers are quiet capable to produce vivid sound . Dolby speakers are present in this device producing a quality sound and able to hold every corners of a room with its sound when it is at full volume .

Now , coming to its keyboard part , it offers several benefits which we need to discuss .

First of all , keys travel 1.7 mm of distance deep offers a nice typing experience .

Secondly, there is a red colored button between G & H keys which is called as a Track Point , a way to control the arrow-shaped cursor on your laptop screen without using your fingers on your Touch Pad . Track Point is an alternative of a mouse and a Touch Pad which offers much smooth motion and makes it easy to control your screen activities .

And last but not least , T480's buttonless TouchPad cannot be a negligible one because of it's multiple-touch gestures. In most of the laptops you have found that you can control your screen activities or cursor by swiping on the TouchPad with only one finger. But, in T480 , you can use more than 1 finger or you can do 3-finger swipe on TouchPad to control the cursor .

Battery life of T480 is a noticeable one . With its six-cell , 72 hour battery attached , ThinkPad T480 assures that an user don't need to connect his/her laptop with the charging cable all the time . Also , it would enable the users to do his/her work without any interruption or charging problem. Even ThinkPad T480 uses Power Bridge battery system which permits users to carry extra batteries and use it as a replacement for the main battery which is running down inside your laptop . While replacement , you don,t need to shut down your laptop .

T480's camera poses the quality of capturing good pics . Images are well-detailed , and shimmering one . And one would be more avid for this device if he/she is well-known regarding the hackers who can steal your privacy via that camera addressed at the top of your lappy which seems like a sweet-selfie taker but may be a path for unhealthy ones to reach you . Now , ThinkPad T480 has unexposed the webcam by putting a plastic-made slide over the camera lens and user can remove the slide when it comes to use .

Finally , we have reviewed ThinkPad T480 and provided all the necessary information upon which you can figure out your decision and tilt your step towards this laptop. Hope we have been able to make you understand about this.

Thankyou friends for reading this article . Don't forget to give your reviews in the comment section regarding my above blog . It helps us to grow positively . Thanks a lot .

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