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#1 . DELL XPS 13.

CPU : 8th generation Core i3 - i7

GRAPHICS : Intel UHD Graphics


RAM : 4 GB - 16 GB

SCREEN : 13.3 inch FHD

( 1920 X 1080 ) -

4k ( 3840 x 2160 )


Dell XPS 13 has emerged out with its new 2.25 mm webcam development which has been fitted in a right location just above thin bezel display . It also utilizes a 720p widescreen sensor . The model has been ameliorated much . The thickness and weight of this laptop are 11.6 mm and 1.23 kg respectively. The lid of the laptop is aluminium anodized.

This laptop is designed with various types of ports which are as follows :

1. Two Thunderbolt 3 ( USB-C ) ports

2. One USB-C 3.1 port

3. microSD card slot

4. 3.5 mm headphone jack

Undoubtedly, RGB fashioned keyboard has been made a part of this model with amazing backlightning features. Besides, 4K panel designed delivers a vivid display which is solid enough to fulfill purchaser's contentment.

On the basis of MobileMark 2014 benchmark score, battery of Dell XPS 13 has ran upto 12 hours in its 4K version and performed for 21 hours in its Full HD version .


CPU : 9th Generation Intel Core

i7 - i9

GRAPHICS : Nvidia GeForce RTX

2060 - 2080

RAM : 64 GB

SCREEN : 17.3 inch Full HD

( 1920 x 1080 ) IPS,

144 Hz, G-Sync


If anyone is researching about the best gaming laptops , then Alienware Area-51m must acheive the first priority in their list of choices because of its amazing desktop-class hardware and special keyboard . This laptop is extremely powerful and one of the best gaming laptops ever made . Design is unique and impressive . This laptop weighs 8.54 pounds. It's thickness is 1.7 inches.

Alienware Area-51m is available in 2 colour - Lunar Light (white) and Dark Side of the moon (black). Besides, sound quality of this laptop is also an enchanting one. User don't need to approach any kind pf headphones while playing games in laptops because speakers of this laptop are loud and clinical. The display screen is a Full HD IPS ( a screen technology for liquid-crystal displays ) display along with G-Sync ( a technology developed by Nvidia to avoid screen-tearing ) .

#3 . DELL XPS 15 2 IN 1.

CPU : Intel Core i5 - i7

GRAPHICS : Raedon RX Vega M

GL Graphics with 4

GB HMB2 Graphics Memory

RAM : 8 GB

SCREEN : 15.6 inch , 4k

Ultra HD ( 3840 x 2160 )


Technical world has been benefitted with the born of this new species when this digital piece has been infrastructered with the maglev technology of bullet train ( although a very small amount of technology has been implemented ) in its keyboard . Keyboard contributes a major share in the overall weight of the laptop, and if, any manufacturers are able to make thin keyboards, then it could become a choice of many. People, nowadays, use their laptops during their travel and want lighter laptops to make their travel a comfortable one. Dell is the first one to come up with this maglev technology in their keyboards replacing with their rubber domed technology . The magnets are fitted below the keyboard buttons which elevates the buttons by 0.7 mm.

GORE thermal insulation, just like in Dell XPS 13 , has also been put into effect in this model . This innovation uses silica aerogel in its manufacturing to release all the heat from your laptop and balances the temperature of your laptop which eases users to keep their laptop on their lap without any physical sensation of heat on your legs.

Another prominent feature of this laptop is its 360 degree rotation which makes the customers able to use in four different modes :

(a) Laptop mode

(b) Tablet mode

(c) Stand mode

(d) Tent Mode

Talking about its battery life , the performance is not so laudable as it can ran only for 3 hours and 43 minutes on the basis of PCMark Battery Life test benchmark.

#4 . DELL LATITUDE 7490.

CPU : 8th generation Intel Core i7


Graphics 620

RAM : 8 GB

SCREEN : 14-inch 1920 x 1080

resolution IPS


Design of this model offers a tangible look due to its carbon fiber lid and a polished touchy keyboard . Weight of this laptop is 3.5 pounds and thickness scales upto 0.7 inches . The left side of this model comprises of following ports :

(a) USB 3.0 port

(b) HDMI out port

(c) Power adapter port

(d) Thunderbolt 3

And the right side of this laptop consists :

(a) Noble-Branded security lock slot

(b) Ethernet port

(c) USB 3.0 port

(d) SD and sim cards trays

(e) A Headphone jack

The 14-inch diorama of this model projects a detailed description of the ongoing screen work . Display screen has been furbished with matte colour giving it a fine-texture look. It's flexibility can be noted at its 180 degree folding capability lying flat.

From the security point of view , several safegaurd techniques have been implemented which has increased the reliability of this laptop . Let's pore over these techniques :

(a) Smart Card Reader

(b) Fingerprint Sensor

(c) IR Webcam

Battery life of this model is decent and tolerable . On the basis of different benchmarks , this has stood on an acceptance level . For example , in Laptop Mag Battery Test , it's charge has ran for 8 hours and 55 minutes. You will also get one 0.9 megapixel webcam which is embedded at the top thin-bezel above the display screen.


CPU : Intel Core i9 - 8950HK

GRAPHICS : Nvidia GeForca GTX


RAM : 32 GB

SCREEN : 17.3 inch QHD

( 2560 X 1440 ) 144 Hz

STORAGE : 246 GB PCle M.2 SSD ,

1 TB 7, 200 RPM HDD

Alienware R5 has been advanced with the usage of intel's first i9 processor .Coffee Lake chips

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