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Asus VivoBook 15 X509FJ laptop ( Core i7/ 8th generation/ 512 GB SSD/ 8 GB RAM / 2 GB VRAM graphics card ) is Rs. 57,990 .


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Impressive and powerful, Asus is no more less than other companies in breaking the headlines with their product settled at a reasonable price. Name of this satisfactory model is Asus VivoBook 15 X509FJ-EJ701T. Asus has raised their efforts to born rigidity in their product, just like a nut which is tough to crack. Let’s have a look what they have done in the design department.

Constructed with narrow-sized bezels, no doubt, Asus has taken their device to an excellent corner in terms of look. But why is it so? No more guesses. Narrow-sized bezels simply widen the display screen that creates an amazing viewing angle that sows interest amongst the people. A wider display would be a more engaging when you are on the battlefield of a game.

Besides, chassis of the device has been solidified with a metallic base support, fitted below the keyboard which reduces the probability of rupture of the keyboard and hinge joint. Not finished yet, you can still taste their flavour of alertness when your device is protected, even its side part of the lid, infixed with metallic materials to make it robust entirely.


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With its top-notch display quality, Asus has managed to settle in the hearts of the people. And narrow-edged bezels act as one of the contributors for its top-notch. Thin bezels hikes size of the display screen which brings out a sense of realism among the viewers and somehow captivates them with its detailed accuracy of the ongoing screen activities.

Featured with FHD panel, X509FJ is coated with anti-glare technology to avoid unwanted reflections. Now, during the day time you may sit with your laptop near the window, despite the fact, glares of sunlight may drive inward through the window and can irritate you by causing reflections on the screen that usually wear out your eyes. And, this may happen even at times after sunset, when you are in a mood to work in your room or office with a nice cup of tea, but, really what happens that the interior sources of light, i.e., tube light etc. present in your room can cause that same unwanted reflections that would surely going to interrupt you some way.

But, the best part is that anti glare technology dries up all those odds, avoids unwanted glares whether it is of interior or exterior sources of light. And, simply know about anti-glare technology as a technology by which an anti-glare layer is coated over the display screen which cuts reflections.

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A good storage matters for a healthy laptop that brush up your regular work to a next level every day and Asus X509FJ comes out with a good report of their storage part. Engineered with 512 GB M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) along with NVMe express, Asus has a breakthrough performance in reading and writing data. SSDs are more efficient and fast in loading or downloading applications and empower the operating system of the device. But SSD didn’t come alone, rather unified with a 2.5 inch SATA storage slot by which you can add up an extra quantum of memory according to your needs. But several don’t have a sound idea about what SATA is and how can we expand our memory space?

Let me summarise SATA.

SATA stands for serial advanced technology attachment. It is a platform that connects between hard drives and computer systems for transmission of data. There are several other platforms and SATA is one of them. Based on serial signalling technology, SATA transmits data serially and arrives in the digital world by overcoming PATA (parallel advanced technology attachment). A slot is present in the device inside which you can insert an expansion card such as, memory card, drives, modems etc. to expand the memory space. And when we read about 2.5 inch SATA slot, it signifies the width of the slot.

Along with above, 8 GB dual channel RAM imbibed with DDR4 RAM memory technology acts as a finisher of battle on the grounds of storage. A road with single drain is “OK”, but, that same road with two drains on its two sides is much better than “OK” and that what goes same with dual channel RAM. Dual channel leads dual paths for transmission of data that leads dual transmission speed which further leads dual betterment at last.


Designed with comfort, keys travel 1.4mm and offer a nice typing experience. The entire keyboard structure has been made a sturdy one by infixing a solid metallic base support just below the keyboard to avoid any kind of rupture or damage. Suppose, you are working in your laptop and in between the work, you hold some little-bit heavy objects, let say, a bunch of books, and suddenly, it fall from your hands over the keyboard which may bring damages to your keyboard. Keeping an utmost concern on these types of damages, Asus has established a metallic base support beneath the keyboard.

A demerit can be dug out from their keyboard and that is the non-existence of white backlit keyboard. Although, it’s not a big deal that has run out of your hands, but, surely going to demoralize a part of crowd.


Asus X509 uses their own Asus Sonic Master technology. In this technology, Asus uses big 25 mm audio chambers for quality flow of sound. Advanced audio chips helps in delivering sound enriched with deep bass and clarity. Codec (a software which is used to encode and decode signals) with a top-notch quality has been added to the device to heighten the quality of encoding and decoding of audio signals.


Performance decides who stays at a professional level. With 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8565U processor, Asus X509FJ ensures a high-range performance, all that they can do within their market price. Processor’s initial clock speed is 1.8 GHz and pulls to an upper limit of 4.6 GHz with 8 MB cache.

But processor does not stand alone in the queue of contributors. NVIDIA GeForce MX230 2 GB VRAM graphics card is amongst one of them. NVIDIA MX230 graphics card converts its performance into excellence by providing multiple arenas for gaming, video editing or photo editing etc. . NVIDIA Optimus Technology, developed by NVIDIA, collaborates with NVIDIA MX230 graphics card to provide both performance and battery life longevity in an equal manner. Mostly, what happens, on one side, when a device gives performance, then, on the contrary, its battery life gets ruptured day after days. But to preclude this only, NVIDIA Optimus and NVIDIA MX230 unites together. The picture below acts to be more informative, according to me. Have a look at this.

In terms of performance, 512 GB NVMe SSD actively participates and don’t deserve absence in the article. SSD tackles all those usual problems of slow loading or downloading and gives birth to a fast era. No more regrets for your wastage of time. Apart from storage merits, SSD also host its name on the grounds of gaming world.

I won’t do an injustice to the display part by not mentioning its narrow-edged bezels which beautifies the entire visual screen objects and captivates viewers with its sharp and detailed accuracy of the ongoing activities in the display screen. Gets more matured when anti-glare technology is incorporated, the reason behind NO Glares that leads to visual obstructions.

That is all about its performance part. Let’s discuss about all the security measures imported into the device.


Previously, technology was a synonym of boon as it was supposed to be 100% genuine in solving all problems. But from few decades, technology has left that 100% honesty level and acted as a curse for several because it has come into the hands of some life-threatening hackers of the world. In order to avoid any kind of life-hacks, companies put a great concern on the security grounds.

Asus VivoBook 15 X509FJ has come up with Windows Hello login feature. No more typing passwords for login to your device. All you need to do is to set your fingerprint as a login password in the settings part of laptop and from the next time use fingerprint sensor, in-fixed at top right part of the touch-pad to make an entry to your device.

But Windows Hello feature does not end up with fingerprint sensor. It also features facial recognition login system. Just bring your face in front of the webcam, system will recognise your face and gives you an entry ticket for your device (if works only after you have enabled it in the settings part).

To avoid any kind of rupture of HDD, whether, by a fall from our hands or by hitting of a physical object, EAR HDD protection has been featured in Asus X509FJ. EAR HDD protection senses vibrations and shields the HDD at its level best. HDD are prone to physical damage and anytime an accident may occur which can damage HDD and the applications stored within it. This proves to be problematic, but EAR HDD posted in the device for erosion of those problems.

The entire keyboard structure has been made a sturdy one by infixing a solid metallic base support just below the keyboard to avoid any kind of rupture or damage. Suppose, you are working in your laptop and in between the work, you hold some little-bit heavy objects, let say, a bunch of books, and suddenly, it fall from your hands over the keyboard which may bring damages to your keyboard. Keeping an utmost concern on these types of damages, Asus has established a metallic base support beneath the keyboard.


The next best thing about the device is it's connectivity part. Configured with enough no. of ports and slots, Asus X509FJ layouts a better experience for the users . Let's pore over it.

1. 2 USB 2.0 ports

2. USB 3.1 Type A Gen 1

3. USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1

4. 1 HDMI port

5. 1 Micro SD card reader

6. 1 Combo Audio jack


Finally yet importantly, battery part of Asus X509FJ completes your smile. Your laptop won't remain plugged for a long period because of its fast charging capacity.

That is all about Asus VivoBook 15 X509FJ-EJ701T model.

Hope this article helps you in every ways.

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