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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Asus TUF gaming FX505DT costs ₹ 60,990 in Amazon.


Gadgets with a good design is always a demanding one. This is one of the main reasons for putting a product in wishlist. Asus has tried to cover up the condition in the design department their new model TUF gaming FX505DT model which has occupied 4th place in our review letter .

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Dimension-ally, it measures 26.2 * 36 * 2.6 cm . Trapezoidal cut lid enlightens the device with handsomeness , acts a zone of attraction. And a completion of fineness evolves when you discover its display screen constructed with 6.5 mm thin sized bezels which takes the visual activities to a next level. FX505DT weighs 2.20 kg, not so heavy to lift up.


A laptop with a good display covers up the market with a good play. And no one would compromise with their jovial moments whatever they could earn from the display department of their lappy. Asus has created that atmosphere by incorporating 15.6 inch LED backlit FHD panel display framed with thin sized bezels. And what does thin bezels do is enhances size of the display screen presenting a perfect colour accuracy of whatever you view on the screen, of a top notch level that's surely gonna captivates the front figure.

120 Hz refresh rate along with IPS level display rocks the gaming arena and  what could be more happier than this for game lovers. Nothing to worry about blurs and all. IPS level display technology produces better colour of whatever you see on screen along with wide viewing angles.

Anti-glare coating strengthens the display part .


Endowed with awesomeness, Asus FX505DT's keyboard finds a space in your heart and the award goes to Hyperstrike technology, powered by Asus itself. What you don't get in this technology . You will get everything in this technology that you all expect to get or may even cross expectations of various people.

Let's know what Hyperstrike technology is .

Hyperstrike technology features numerous things such as :-

1. WASD key group illuminated with different light to make it visible to users. What happens is when you play a game you need to deliver directional commands, that is, forward, backward, leftward band rightward. And that's the job of WASD keys group. What people knows is that directional commands are given by using arrow keys .

Yes , absolutely correct .

But same job is done by WASD keys group. Now, a question stands that why are they highlighted with different colours ?

Just for making it clear and visible to the eyes of gamers so that they won't do a wrong key press because light will be there to guide their vision.

2. When you identify the keys required especially for gaming purpose, space bar don't deserve a miss. And Hyperstrike has made it broad in size letting users to get wider space to press it without any miss while pressing or fault.

3. Function keys ( F1, F2 etc. ) have been infixed on the keyboard with a noticeable gap between them just for easy key pressing.

Overstroke technology decides a 1.8 mm key travel along with 0.25 mm key curve. Durability of keyboard reflects when company unveils that each keys can sustain up to 20 million presses which ensures long lasting life of keyboard.

RGB backlighted keyboard beautifies the laptop and feels engaging when you are work with it in a room with a dim light.


No one would like to pay an extra bill for an additional speaker if their laptop is ready to deliver sound gifted with lifelike audio quality. And I think FX505DT buyers don't need to bother about that extra bill because they come up with DTS: X audio technology that promises lifelike audio quality and holds an ability to make a sensation of theatre - level sound quality. It gives 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Everything will be nice to hear whether you watch sports or movies, playing games etc. , they will make you feel some real energy rolling around you.

And what about horror films?

Well, I don't know about the quality of it's script but sound of the speakers is going to frighten you at a good level and let you enjoy a theatre experience .


This technology catalogues Anti - dust cooling system and hyper fan technology. What is anti dust cooling system ? From the name itself you can guess that a system which removes dust particles. Yes, exactly it does . Let's explore this system more closely.

Anti dust cooling system consists of 2 fans that swipes out all the dust particles via dedicated dust tunnels. Centrifugal force pushes all the dust particles towards the moving fans that does the swiping work.

Hyper fan is all about maintenance of temperature of device by creating static pressure and won't let temperature moves up when you do some heavy works such as gaming etc. . And  the best part of hyper fans is it's low power consumption that automatically heightens the battery life of the device.

This summarizes the entire thermal part of the device .

Now we take a next move towards its performance part.


Good performance always awards a title of excellence and I think Asus FX505DT has managed to win that title by doing everything they can incorporate into their device within their market price. And it's specifications justifies the above. Read it .

Starting with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR5 4 GB graphics won't be a bad start because it is what that improves the entire gaming perspectives of the device and performs better than it's predecessor Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. It works times 70% faster and more power efficient than GTX 1050. Being a model of power efficiency, it extends the battery life.

Asus TUF gaming FX505DT is powered by AMD Ryzen 5-3350H processor ( 4 cores and 8 threads ) that starts its processing job with an initial speed of 2.1 GHz and advances up to 3.7 GHz . It supports multitasking and maintains efficiency in their work.

Storage part matter a lot in terms of performance. 512 GB PCle M.2 SSD along with a dual channel 8 GB RAM contributes a lot.

What SSD does is fastens the rate of transfer of data, consumes less power than HDD, and proves to be a solid pillar for gaming purpose. Dual channel RAM leads dual paths for transmission of data that leads dual transmission speed which further leads dual betterment at last.


FX505DT's connectivity part can be applauded as it has been manufactured with sufficient no. of different ports . Let me describe once and you may think to give it a token of appreciations .

1. One 3.5 mm Combo Audio Jack port 2. One Type A USB 2.0 port 3. Two Type A USB 3.1 ports 4. One RJ45 LAN JACK 5. One HDMI 2.0 Port 6. Kensington Lock

All these ports are addressed at left hand side of the laptop, no interference with its right hand side .

This is all about the specifications of Asus TUF gaming FX505DT model.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope it gives everything that you need to know about Asus FX505DT. Please take a minute to pen down your comments regarding the above blog.

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