Alienware Cryo Tech cooling system

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

How does your hands feel when you use your smartphone for a long period of time ? Isn't it hot to touch? What about your lap then when you use your laptop for a long period of time by keeping it on your lap ? Doesn't it feel hot ? Obviously, it feels hot in all these above conditions and I think most of you don't even like of using your device when the thermal temperature exceeds, until and unless, you are engaged in some busy works. But your perspective has to be clear and straight from both sides. Not only you perceive an uneasy sensation while using a hot device, even this high temperature is not a good thing for your device as it annihilates the health of your device.

In order to maintain a distance from this type of temperature issues, Dell has founded their own cooling technology, named as Cryo tech cooling which has been settled in their several Alienware-series laptops, for example, Alienware Area 51m R2.

How does this Cryo tech cooling technology helps a laptop to remains cool even the device is under heavy workloads ?

Let's take a closer look upon this.

1. High voltage driving fans .

It's next to impossible when the topic of discussion is thermal cooling system and driving fans are not a part of their discussion. Should it be powerful or not ? High voltage driving fans of Cryo tech cooling system holds potential to manage the inflow and outflow system. Liquid crystal polymer is the building material of the fans which are obsessed with fire resisting attitude. 0.2 mm blades, sleeve bearings and 3-phase fan control have been used to build the fans. All these stuffs widens the gap for proper inlet and outlet and dwindles the friction effect. The fans occupy an area of 95x105mm along with a thickness ranging from 19 mm to 21.5 mm . These fans pushes out 25 CFM of air from the device in open air conditions.

2. Structural Airflow Design

Some of you may not catch the depth of gravity , but believe me, structure matters a lot and contributes more than 50% of the total efficiency of a system if it's well made with . In this Cryo tech cooling technology, a special dual fan system has been incorporated, both, for inlet and outlet purpose. There are dual fans that inhales cool air from outside, addressed at the bottom and top vents . And for exhaling hot air, there are more dual fans that are addressed at the side and rear vents. All these are meant for supercooling the device.

3. Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are those pipes that transfers heat to maintain the temperature. Sensitive parts like CPU and GPU require attention for prolongation of stupendous performance. In Cryo tech cooling technology, you get 8 mm and 6 mm heat pipes . Highly speced devices contains total 7 heat pipes.

4. Copper Fin Stacks

To draw the hot air, Cryo tech cooling system is facilitated with other features like Copper Fin tubes that are heat exchangers. In terms of quantity, there are four Copper Fin tubes and their thickness measures 0.15 mm. They are great in their work and helps the system to touch the goal.

5. Ensuring Noise-Free System

The Cryo tech cooling system is free from clatter and all. With such an exuberant performance this system comes out, but, still its noise free and smoothly runs.

This was the entire description about how the Alienware Cryo tech cooling system of Dell works.

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